Lancer Hunting Log

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Completion of the entire log awards the achievement Bump on a log lancer icon1.png  Bump on a Log: Lancer and with it the Master lancers ring icon1.png  Master Lancer's Ring.

Rank 1

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Lancer 01 Little ladybug1.png Little Ladybug X 3 Central Shroud (x24,y18) 75 EXP
Lancer 02 Ground squirrel1.png Ground Squirrel X 3 Central Shroud (x22,y17) 180 EXP
Lancer 03 Forest funguar1.png Forest Funguar X 3 Central Shroud (x25,y19) 360 EXP
Lancer 04 Miteling1.png Miteling X 3 North Shroud (x26,y26) 410 EXP
Lancer 05 Opo-opo1.png Opo-opo X 3 North Shroud (x27,y24) 530 EXP
Lancer 06 Microchu1.png Microchu X 3 North Shroud (x26,y22) 980 EXP
Lancer 07 Black eft1.png
Bog yarzon1.png
Black Eft X 3
Bog Yarzon X 3
Central Shroud (x26,y20)
Central Shroud (x24,y24)
1,100 EXP
Lancer 08 Hoglet1.png Hoglet X 3 Central Shroud (x30,y23) 1,300 EXP
Lancer 09 Anole1.png
Anole X 3
Diremite X 3
Central Shroud (x31,y20)
Central Shroud (x18,y19)
1,600 EXP
Lancer 10 Tree slug1.png Tree Slug X 3 East Shroud (x13,y26)
Central Shroud (x24,y28)
1,700 EXP

Rank 2

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Lancer 11 Arbor buzzard1.png Arbor Buzzard X 3 Central Shroud (x25,y29) 2,300 EXP
Lancer 12 Treant sapling1.png Treant Sapling X 3 Central Shroud (x22,y16) 3,200 EXP
Lancer 13 mandragora1.png Mandragora X 3 East Shroud (x14,y25) 4,000 EXP
Lancer 14 Wild hoglet1.png Wild Hoglet X 3 East Shroud (x13,y23) 4,500 EXP
Lancer 15 Lemur1.png
boring weevil1.png
Lemur X 3
Boring Weevil X 3
East Shroud (x15,y27)
East Shroud (x15,y27)
5,000 EXP
Lancer 16 Faerie funguar1.png Faerie Funguar X 3 East Shroud (x19,y28) 5,300 EXP
Lancer 17 Giant gnat1.png
Boar poacher1.png
Giant Gnat X 3
Boar Poacher X 3
East Shroud (x19,y27)
East Shroud (x19,y30)
5,500 EXP
Lancer 18 Ziz gorlin1.png Ziz Gorlin X 3 East Shroud (x20,y25) 5,700 EXP
Lancer 19 Black bat1.png
Qiqirn beater1.png
Black Bat X 3
Qiqirn Beater X 3
East Shroud (x17,y22)
South Shroud (x15,y17)
5,900 EXP
Lancer 20 Antelope doe1.png Antelope Doe X 3 South Shroud (x18,y22) 6,100 EXP

Rank 3

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Lancer 21 Stoneshell1.png Stoneshell X 4 Upper La Noscea (x13,y24) 6,300 EXP
Lancer 22 Smallmouth orobon1.png Smallmouth Orobon X 4 South Shroud (x16,y18) 6,500 EXP
Lancer 23 Yarzon scavenger1.png Yarzon Scavenger X 4 North Shroud (x20,y31)
Western Thanalan (x14,y9)
6,700 EXP
Lancer 24 Redbelly lookout1.png Redbelly Lookout X 4 South Shroud (x24,y18) 6,900 EXP
Lancer 25 antelope stag.png
Moondrip piledriver1.png
Antelope Stag X 4
Moondrip Piledriver X 3
South Shroud (x26,y18)
Western Thanalan (x16,y7)
7,100 EXP
Lancer 26 Sabotender1.png Sabotender X 4 Southern Thanalan (x14,y14) 7,600 EXP
Lancer 27 Goblin thug1.png
Sandskin peiste1.png
Goblin Thug X 3
Sandskin Peiste X 4
South Shroud (x27,y20)
Southern Thanalan (x19,y10)
8,600 EXP
Lancer 28 Corpse brigade firedancer1.png Corpse Brigade Firedancer X 4 Southern Thanalan (x24,y9) 9,400 EXP
Lancer 29 Coeurlclaw poacher1.png
Coeurlclaw Poacher X 4
Apkallu X 3
South Shroud (x28,y21)
Eastern La Noscea (x28,y35)
9,700 EXP
Lancer 30 Midland condor1.png Midland Condor X 4 South Shroud (x17,y26) 10,000 EXP

Rank 4

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Lancer 31 Floating eye1.png Floating Eye X 4 Central Shroud (x10,y23) 11,000 EXP
Lancer 32 Large buffalo1.png Large Buffalo X 4 Eastern La Noscea (x28,y30) 12,000 EXP
Lancer 33 Smoke bomb1.png
Smoke Bomb X 3
Sundrake X 4
Southern Thanalan (x19,y34)
Southern Thanalan (x25,y38)
12,500 EXP
Lancer 34 Spriggan1.png Spriggan X 4 Central Shroud (x10,y16) 13,000 EXP
Lancer 35 Basalt golem1.png
Basalt Golem X 3
Ringtail X 4
Outer La Noscea (x13,y15)
Outer La Noscea (x15,y11)
13,500 EXP
Lancer 36 Ornery karakul1.png Ornery Karakul X 4 Coerthas Central Highlands (x25,y19) 14,000 EXP
Lancer 37 Lesser kalong1.png
Snow wolf pup1.png
Lesser Kalong X 3
Snow Wolf Pup X 4
South Shroud (x22,y24)
Coerthas Central Highlands (x21,y29)
14,500 EXP
Lancer 38 Dryad1.png Dryad X 4 North Shroud (x22,y23) 15,000 EXP
Lancer 39 Bateleur1.png
Downy aevis1.png
Bateleur X 3
Downy Aevis X 4
Coerthas Central Highlands (x17,y17)
Coerthas Central Highlands (x27,y10)
16,000 EXP
Lancer 40 Mirrorknight1.png Mirrorknight X 4 Eastern Thanalan (x26,y24) 16,500 EXP

Rank 5

Title Icon Task Location Reward
Lancer 41 Dragonfly1.png
Baritine croc1.png
Dragonfly X 5
Baritine Croc X 4
Coerthas Central Highlands (x9,y14)
Coerthas Central Highlands (x3,y21)
17,000 EXP
Lancer 42 Dead mans moan1.png Dead Man's Moan X 5 Western La Noscea (x15,y35) 17,500 EXP
Lancer 43 3rd cohort hoplomachus1.png
3rd Cohort Signifer X 2
Morbol X 5
East Shroud (x32,y20)
East Shroud (x23,y21)
18,000 EXP
Lancer 44 Wild hog1.png Wild Hog X 5 South Shroud (x29,y24) 18,500 EXP
Lancer 45 Daring harrier1.png
Lake cobra1.png
Daring Harrier X 4
Lake Cobra X 5
Mor Dhona (x16,y15)
Mor Dhona (x25,y12)
19,000 EXP
Lancer 46 Snow wolf1.png Snow Wolf X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands (x16,y32) 19,500 EXP
Lancer 47 Sea wasp1.png
5th cohort vanguard1.png
Sea Wasp X 5
5th Cohort Vanguard X 4
Western La Noscea (x13,y17)
Mor Dhona (x10,y13)
20,000 EXP
Lancer 48 Natalan watchwolf1.png Natalan Watchwolf X 5 Coerthas Central Highlands (x34,y23) 20,500 EXP
Lancer 49 Sylphlands sentinal1.png
Sylphlands Sentinel X 5
Basilisk X 4
East Shroud (x24,y11)
Northern Thanalan (x22,y24)
21,000 EXP
Lancer 50 2nd cohort laquearius1.png 2nd Cohort Eques X 5 Eastern La Noscea (x30,y21) 21,500 EXP


The Hunting Log is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward
Bump on a log lancer icon1.png  Bump on a Log: Lancer 20 Complete all lancer entries in the hunting log. Master lancers ring icon1.png  Master Lancer's Ring