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Fathoms Below

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Fathoms Below

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:20.2, Y:20.1)

Experience 95,850
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Forever and Ever Apart
The Palace of Lost Souls
Next quest
A Part of Your World

Princess Kurenai is ready to divulge her great secret.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Princess Kurenai is ready to divulge her great secret.
  • Princess Kurenai attempts to tell you the truth but is unsure of where to begin. She asks that you accompany her to where the Ruby Princess is resting, believing that looking upon her visage will make it a little easier for you to understand what she is about to explain.
  • Princess Kurenai has Shiosai bring out the Ruby Princess, and together they disclose that she is, in fact, Hisui─Princess Kurenai's lady-in-waiting─and that Kurenai is the true Ruby Princess. When guests from the outside were invited into the palace to conduct a secret ceremony, Hisui had assumed the Ruby Princess' identity to prevent any danger from befalling the true heiress to the throne. As such, when proceedings took a dark turn, it was Hisui who became possessed by the void spirits that were summoned, leading to her current comatose state. Upon revealing this to you, Kurenai announces her intention to leave Sui–no–Sato for the upper world in search of a cure for Hisui. Shiosai, who has been ordered to stay behind, begs you go with her.
  • Princess Kurenai is overjoyed to learn that you will be accompanying her on her journey outside of Sui–no–Sato. It seems the fates of both the Ruby Princess and her dearest friend, Hisui, now rest squarely upon your shoulders.



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