The Shifting Altars of Uznair

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Shifting Altars of Uznair1.png

The Shifting Altars of Uznair, released in patch 4.4 of Stormblood, is a special instance for Treasure Hunt similar to the Aquapolis and the Lost Canals of Uznair. It can be accessed after finding and opening treasure coffers obtained from Timeworn gazelleskin map icon1.png  Timeworn Gazelleskin Map, which can lead to either the Lost Canals of Uznair or the Shifting Altars of Uznair. The destination is chosen at random.

  • Level Requirement : Disciple of War or Magic level 70
  • Item Level Requirement: None
  • Item Level Sync: 370
  • Party Size: 8
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes


Shifting Altars of Uznair2.png

Upon entering the instance, players will find an arcane sphere which must be used to perform an invocation. Doing so will trigger a roulette wheel, summoning forth one of several creatures.

A treasure chest will appear upon defeating the enemies summoned by the invocation. Only the player who opened the teleportation portal can access it. After claiming the contents of the treasure chest, the arcane sphere can be used again, for a total of five invocations.

Effects of Each Outcome

Outcome Effect
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect1.png Results in a lesser summon.
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect2.png Results in a greater summon.
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect3.png Results in an elder summon.
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect4.png Summons Atomos, expelling the party from the instance.
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect5.png Causes the arcane circles to shift.
Shifting Altars of Uznair Effect6.png Summons a Matanga prince.


The duty will end if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Five summons are performed and the duty is completed.
  • Atomos is summoned and removes the party from the duty.
  • All party members are KO'd.

Possible Rewards




It is said within Uznair, beyond its meandering canals and hidden passageways, there exist altars used in worship of the gods. Should some hapless soul find their way to these sacred altars, and perform the rites of eld, will they be met with fortune? Or folly?

Hidden Canals of Uznair

Treasure coffers will occasionally yield a Timeworn thiefs map icon1.png  Timeworn Thief's Map which will reveal a new location on your map. Players can then use the general action Dig at the location shown to find a teleportation ward that leads to the Hidden Canals of Uznair.