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Public Opinion

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Public Opinion

Out of Sight (Quest).png
Quest giver
The Peaks (X:16.8, Y:37.4)

Experience 27,000
Gil 800
Previous quest
The Path Forward
Out of Sight
Next quest
Dragged Through the Mud

Baut is ready to get to the root of his problem.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Gather information about Baut.
  • Examine the spinner's web and slay the spitting spinners.


  • Baut is ready to get to the root of his problem.
  • Before trying to convince the townsfolk of anything, Baut would first learn why they choose to defend him so fiercely. To that end, he suggests the two of you split up and learn what you can about why they adore him so.
  • The people you speak with tell you of Baut's kindness and willingness to defend them from his fellow Garlean soldiers. One man, preoccupied with carrying cargo, suggests you speak with J'dyalani to learn more.
  • J'dyalani agrees to tell you about Baut under one condition: you must accompany her outside of town to exterminate spinners that have built a nest close by. With no other options, you concede and follow her out into the barren lands of Wightrock.
  • It is not long before you arrive at your destination. As you approach, she directs your attention to the spinner's nest, taking care to remain at a safe distance. You ready your blade and prepare to flush the beasts out of hiding.
  • Despite their numbers, the spinners are no match for you. Perhaps now you can finally learn why the villagers are so protective of Baut.
  • J'dyalani explains to you the hopeless situation the people of Ala Ghiri found themselves in, and how their living conditions quickly improved when Baut assumed command there. You wonder how he will react, knowing his actions are the source of their adoration.
  • When you explain to Baut the villagers' reasons for defending him, he begins by asserting he merely grew tired of his men abusing them. As his explanation continues, it becomes clear the real reason for his compassion: their suffering reminded him of his deceased wife and children who he had been fighting to rescue from life under Garlean rule. Putting his recollections aside, Baut is ready to move on to the next step of his plan─convincing the townsfolk that he is not worth protecting.