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Pulling Double Booty

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Pulling Double Booty

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:23.4, Y:9.1)

Required items
1  Scarlet Flag
1  Inventory List
Experience 91,800
Gil 1,100
Previous quest
Alisaie's Stones
Next quest
Unfinished Business

Hansaku is desperately searching for a charitable soul, willing to lend him a hand.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Hansaku is desperately searching for a charitable soul, willing to lend him a hand.
  • A man by the name of Hansaku stops you to ask if you know anything of the East Aldenard Trading Company. When you inform him that you are acquaintances with their head of shop in Kugane, he begs you to meet with his superior, Tsukikage, who has been looking to establish a new trading partner. He then points you in the direction of the Crick, where you can find him. If you are feeling generous, make your way there and speak with Tsukikage.
  • After brief introductions, Tsukikage divulges that the men he just took into his custody are claiming to be merchants with the East Aldenard Trading Company. He thinks they are lying to avoid paying the Ruby Tithe. For fear of incurring the wrath of a potential business partner, however, he would like to make absolutely certain before seeking retribution and requests your help with this endeavor. Asking that you take the flag he obtained from their ship along with a list of the items they found aboard the vessel, he would like for you to present it to one of the merchants in the Kugane branch office and inquire if any of it belongs to their organization.
  • You stop one of the East Aldenard Trading Company merchants and ask him if the scarlet flag or items on the inventory list belong to them. Sadly, he appears to know no more than you do and suggests you speak with one of the merchants in charge of cargo at Pier #1 named Kikimo. Head over there to see what you can learn from her.
  • Kikimo glances at the flag and list, and immediately tells you they do not belong to the East Aldenard Trading Company. She then goes on to lament the fact that you were the one to ask her. Had it been anyone else, she would have tried to swindle the goods out from under them by claiming the ship as one of their own. Right before you turn to go, she asks you to get in touch should the Confederacy be looking to sell any of what they confiscated. Tsukikage should be delighted to hear the news.
  • You return the items to Tsukikage and confirm what he suspected all along─that the men they apprehended were lying about their affiliation to the East Aldenard Trading Company. In spite of this, he remains in high spirits, much of which can be attributed to Kikimo's business proposal to find buyers for the Confederacy's goods. It seems things have finally started to look up for the pirates of Onokoro.



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