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Naadam Image.png
Quest giver
The Azim Steppe (X:31.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 216,000
Gil 2,228
Previous quest
As the Gods Will
Next quest
Glory to the Khagan

The Naadam is nigh, and Cirina would have you make your final preparations.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in The Azim Steppe.


  • Speak with the Mol warriors. 0/4
  • Race to the ovoo.
  • Claim the ovoo for the Mol.
  • Defeat Magnai the Older and hold back the Oronir.
  • Claim the ovoo for the Mol.
  • Defeat the imperial forces.


  • The ceremonial battle for rulership over the Steppe, or Naadam, will commence with the rising of the sun, when the Gharl scatter the sacred soil, giving rise to a great ovoo. All will then converge upon this light, and the tribe which claims it will carry the day. Though you and your comrades are ready, Temulun Khatun tells you that some of the Mol warriors are not. Young and inexperienced in the ways of war, they would benefit from some encouragement from a veteran such as you.
  • Not all were made for war, and many of the Mol would sooner lay down their arms and tend to their herds. Nevertheless, their eyes burn with renewed purpose after you walk among them dispensing words of wisdom. Temulun Khatun will surely be pleased.
  • On the eve of the Naadam, the great and wise leader of the Mol addresses you and your comrades one final time, reminding you of the simple truth that violence lies at the heart of every Xaela -- of every warrior of the Steppe. Delight not in such things, but do not deny them. Face yourself and your enemies without fear, and may the gods guide you to victory.
  • You and your comrades race across the Steppe to meet the other tribes in battle, and soon the soil of one and all is awash with Xaela blood. Yet somehow, from that crimson tempest emerges a victor. As the ovoo evaporates into motes of fading light, you stand a khagan crowned.
  • There is no time to celebrate the Mol's triumph in the Naadam, for Grynewaht suddenly appears at the head of an imperial squadron, and declares his intention to kill you once and for all. Yet in coming a moment too late, he faces a Steppe united. With the aid of the Oronir and the Dotharl, you slay the invaders and send Grynewaht on his way once more. But this is only the beginning of your alliance, for Hien succeeds in convincing the two tribes to travel south with him and fight for Doma's liberation.
  • Two battles won in a single day is reason to rejoice under any circumstances, but these carry special significance. By your deeds are Lord Hien and the Doman Liberation Front one step closer to freeing their home from the yoke of imperial oppression.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

  • First phase: Advance forward on your mount until you encounter enemies, and then dismount. Dispatch the enemy that targets you and any others until Gosetsu volunteers to stay behind. Advance forward again with the rest of your allies, and repeat with Lyse staying this time. Advance forward again and defeat enemies, and finally attempt to capture the ovoo until you are stopped.
  • Second phase: You must defeat Magnai and any lesser soldiers that target you. At the same time, you must defend the ovoo from his tribe until he is defeated. Perform any quick attack or skill on enemies attempting to capture the ovoo and they will stop, but target you. Sadu will eventually join the fight, and you must defeat her as well while defending the ovoo against her tribe. Sadu will eventually begin casting a skill causing two Stellar Chuluus to appear. Eliminate both quickly or face a wipe.
  • Third phase: Focus on lowering Grynewaht's health until Sadu performs her special skill. Defend the Stellar Chuluus from the imperial forces to lessen their damage, and Sadu will end the duty.

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