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The Elixir of Life

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The Elixir of Life

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:20.2, Y:20.1)

Required items
Kelp  Stalks
"Kelp" is not a number.

Bloated  Yumemi Shell
"Bloated" is not a number.
Experience 95,850
Gil 1,300
Previous quest
Forever and Ever Apart
A Part of Your World
Next quest
The Two Princesses of Sui–no–Sato

The Ruby Princess is eager to depart for Tamamizu.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Use the kelp stalks at the designated location and slay the bloated yumemi that appears for its shell.


  • The Ruby Princess is eager to depart for Tamamizu.
  • Princess Kurenai inquires as to whether you have ever been to Tamamizu before. Upon hearing that you have, she appears immensely relieved and asks that you show her around upon your arrival there. It is time to depart for the lands of the Kojin of the Blue.
  • You travel to Tamamizu with Princess Kurenai. There, you decide the first step to finding the cure would be to search out the Kojin merchant, Inban, who gave her the tattered book of faerie tales when she was younger. Together, scour the quaint village for this individual.
  • You speak with Inban, who tells you that a cure to Hisui's condition does exist in an ancient book of Kojin recipes, however, it cannot be recreated. One of the ingredients─the shell of a bloated yumemi─can no longer be procured, as the last of these ancient creatures was spotted decades ago. Nevertheless, you and the princess are undeterred. Announcing her intention to gather kelp, which was used to bait these giant mollusks, she bids you meet her at Exile─the erstwhile bloated yumemi hunting grounds.
  • You meet Kurenai in Exile, who hands you the most delicious stalks of kelp she could find. She then points you to the mouth of a nearby cave, in which the bloated yumemi hunting grounds of eld are located, and asks that you attempt to lure one out and obtain its shell.
  • Using the kelp stalks, you set the bait for any bloated yumemi that might be in the vicinity. After a bit of waiting, one appears and you make swift work of it before stooping down to harvest its shell. Princess Kurenai will be overjoyed to see you have somehow achieved the impossible.
  • As you return to where the Ruby Princess is waiting, you see that she has been joined by Inban. You present the two of them with the bloated yumemi shell and they are both incredibly impressed. Taking it, Inban promises to make the remedy and deliver it to Sui–no–Sato as soon as it is ready. Seeing as you have accomplished what you came to do, perhaps it is now time you return with Princess Kurenai to her village.
  • Kurenai is extremely grateful for all that you have done for her. She goes on to say that once Hisui awakens she is destined to return to the palace and reassume her responsibilities as the true Ruby Princess. While sad that doing so will require leaving the outside world, she is glad to have met and adventured with you. The greatest question of all, however, still hangs silently in the air: can Hisui be shaken from her sleep?



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