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Gross Encounters

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Gross Encounters

Quest giver
Serpent Marshal Brookstone
The Fringes (X:9.2, Y:10.8)
Experience 25,000
Gil 745
Previous quest
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered
Next quest
Falling Down on the Job

The look on Serpent Marshal Brookstone's face suggests he has received some distressing news.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Survey the specified location.
  • Defeat the greatest morbol.


There are no journal entries for this quest.


The survey point is located at the following coordinates: X 25.5; Y 10.9


Accepting the Quest

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: [Forename]! We are in desperate need of your assistance.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: We dispatched a small unit on what we believed to be a simple extermination mission, but I received an urgent distress call just moments ago─they've been set upon by a giant morbol!

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: To send anyone else would likely only complicate matters, but you─you have a gift for dealing with such monstrosities. I need you to find them and see to their safety.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: The morbol was spotted to the east of here near Pike Falls, but they're certain to have fled. Nevertheless, I would ask you start your search there.

Speaking with the Flame Recruit

Flame Recruit: adventurer...? Please, you have to help! The morbol, they...they drew it away to save me, but they're no match for such a beast.

Flame Recruit: They've gone to the bridge south of here. Go, before it's too late.

Speaking with the Serpent Recruit

Serpent Recruit: The serpent marshal sent you? Oh, thank heavens. Any longer and we'd likely be in the morbol's belly. Felling such a fiend is beyond the likes of us, but perhaps you would be willing to carry on in our stead?

Serpent Recruit: Another of our comrades, Flame Sergeant Dodogun, has taken to high ground to better survey the area and provide us with information on our targets. Use this linkpearl to speak with him and track down the morbol.

Serpent Recruit: I will see the others back to Castrum Oriens. We're counting on you─that beast cannot be suffered to remain in these lands.

Dodogun: Hello? Who is this? ...The silent type, eh? Well, follow my instructions, and we'll see that overgrown weed is exterminated once and for all.

Dodogun: It seems to be heading for the Striped Hills. It's fast, but I think I can keep an eye on it until you get there.

Serpent Recruit: We're well enough to make it back to Castrum Oriens on our own. You must see to the morbol before anyone else comes to harm.

At the Striped Hills

Dodogun: Do you see anything? It was there just a moment ago.

Dodogun: Wait! It's over there, to the east!

Further East

Dodogun: Do you see anything? It was there just a moment ago.

Dodogun: Wait! It's over there, to the north!

Further North

Dodogun: The morbol should be right ahead. If I didn't know better I would swear you've tracked animals before.

Dodogun: At any rate, there's nothing else I can do from here. It's up to you now to put an end to things. Good luck.

Returning to Serpent Marshal Brookstone

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: Excellent work. Thanks to you, we were able to keep casualties to a minimum.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: As Flame Sergeant Dodogun tells it, you are every bit the adventurer they say. It's not often anyone can elicit praise from him.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: In fact, he's offered to buy you a drink when he next returns to Castrum Oriens.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: On behalf of all the soldiers here, you have my sincerest thanks. We're quite fortunate to have one such as you among our ranks.