Watching the Spawn

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Watching the Spawn

Watching the Spawn Image.png
Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:16, Y:22)
Quest line
Sahagin Beast Tribe
Novv's Nursery

Required items
1  Novv's Clutchmark
Recognized Relations (360/360)
Experience 13,965
Gil 776
Previous quest
The Scarlet Bloodletter
Next quest
Like Clutchfather, Like Son

Novv is in need of someone to watch his clutch while he attends to an important task.

— In-game description





  • In an unmistakable sign of his growing trust in you, Novv has asked that you watch over his spawnlings while he attends to a task outside of the nursery. While he has faith that Seww, Houu, and Fyuu can shoulder the duties of feeding and disciplining their clutchmates, the clutch father is concerned that the Coral Tridents may attempt some manner of retaliation in his absence. Seww, however, seems distressed at Novv's departure. Speak with the young Sahagin, and learn what troubles him.
  • Seww confides in you that the clutchfather has always been reticent about his past, and the spawnling wonders if this mysterious task has any connection to Novv's unspoken history. He asks that you track down the elder Sahagin who once fought with Novv, and learn what secrets they might unwittingly reveal. Take the clutchmark given to you by Seww, and visit the veteran beastmen found near the Reef of Sending, in Reaver Hide, and on Moonshade Isle.
  • Though initially reluctant to speak with you, the curiosity of the elder Sahagin warriors is piqued once you show them the clutchmark you carry. Among other information of note, you learn that the reason for Novv's absence is to attend a parley with Zugg, the leader of the Coral Tridents. Return to Novv's Nursery and report your findings to Seww.
  • Upon hearing of the impending meeting, Seww seems convinced that his clutchfather is walking into an ambush. The young Sahagin insists that he and his spawnbrothers can defend the nursery, and begs that you make haste to the site of the parley. Make your way to the Serpent's Tongue in western La Noscea, and witness the meeting unfold.
  • Before the parley is revealed for the ambush it always was, you learn the secret of Novv's hidden past: the clutchfather was once the Scarlet Sea Devil, the savage Sahagin pirate that terrorized the seas off western La Noscea. His intimidating aura undiminished, Novv breaks the spirit of his would-be attackers without a single word and dismisses Zugg with barely concealed contempt. Follow Novv's advice, and rendezvous with the clutchfather back at Novv's Nursery.
  • Summoning his son Seww to his side, Novv proceeds to regale you with the tale of his violent past. He describes the terrible deeds he committed, and tells of the bloody vengeance visited upon his ill-fated offspring. The sorrowful story, however, concludes on a hopeful note: with your help, the clutchfather means to break the cycle of rage and retaliation, and build the foundation for a lasting peace between your peoples.


Accepting the Quest

Novv: Pshhh... [Player], I wishhh to ask a tediousss favor of you.

Novv: There is a tasssk to which I mussst attend -- a tasssk that will take me away from the nursery for a time. Thusss, I would have you watch over my clutch while I am gone.

Novv: You need not feed or discipline the ssspawnlings -- Fyuu, Houu, and Seww have sssuch duties well in hand.

Novv: Pshhh... The Coral Tridentsss concern me. It would be foolishhh to think our acts of sssabotage have essscaped their notice, and they shhhurely desire vengeance. Thusss far, my presence has been sssufficient to deter any sssuch reprisals, but shhhould they learn of my absence...

Seww: Pshhh! To where do you travel, Clutchfather? What is this tashhhk of which you shhhpeak?

Novv: Do not quessstion your elder, Ssseww. Your duty is to care for your ssspawnbrothers -- that and naught more.

Novv: Pshhh... I leave the sssafety of the nursery to you, [Player]. I will return as sssoon as I am able.

Seww: Pshhh! But, Clutchfather!

Talking to Seww

Seww: I have never known the clutchfather to leave the nurshhhery in another's care. The fate of our people mushhht hang in the balance. Pshhh! I wishhh only that he would trushhht ushhh with the detailshhh...

Seww: Shhhpawnlings we may be, but we have taken our warrior riteshhh! And yet the clutchfather will not even describe to ushhh the battles of his youth!

Seww: Now that I think on it, he has told ushhh almoshhht nothing of himself. We know little of his pashhht, or his part in the old wars...

Seww: Pshhh... Will you do shhhomething for me, [Player]? I want you to find out about thishhh vital tashhhk, and learn if there is aught we can do to aid the clutchfather.

Seww: Many of our older kin shhhpeak of him with reverence and reshhhpect.

Seww: They live shhhcattered about our territory -- the Reef of Sending, Reaver Hide, and even one on Moonshhhade Isle... though you may need one of Pahh's elbst to carry you there. Perhapshhh in their shhhtories you might hear the clue we need to shhholve this myshhhtery.

Seww: Now, to get them to shhhpeak with you, you'll need to shhhow them this shhhell inshhhcribed with our clutchmark. That shhhould cause their memories to tumble forth of their own accord. The elders do love to reminishhhce about the old days.

Seww: Do not be concerned. My shhhpawnbrothers and I have lived here for five years -- we know how to defend our home. The clutchfather shhhays that we once lived in another nurshhhery, but it was loshhht to the Calamity...

Seww: I don't well remember that time, and he is reluctant to shhhpeak of eventshhh that happened long ago. One day, I will learn why...

At Moonshade Isle

Pahh: Pshhh... My elbssst is ready to bear you to Moonshhhade Isle, shhhorewalker.

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh! Leave me be, shhhorewalker! Thishhh is my isle! I'm harming no one!

Silverfin Sahagin: ...Why do you carry Novv's clutchmark? Has he cashhht his lot in with the finleshhh ones!? But it is too late for Novv -- his time ended long ago.

Silverfin Sahagin: Zugg is the champion of the shhhpawning grounds now. No other warrior is fit to claim the mantle of the Shhhcarlet Shhhea Devil. Mark my words: he shhhall rise to greatneshhh on a mountain of shhhorewalker bones!

Silverfin Sahagin: Zugg will lead the Coral Tridentshhh to victory. He will cleanse the land of you shhhorewalker shhhlugs, and build the moshhht majeshhhtic shhhpawning grounds in the hishhhtory of our people! Pshhh!

At the Reef of Sending

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh... Thisss is a sssacred place, shhhorewalker. Only the tridentsss of fallen Sssahagin are allowed to impale the Reef of Sssending...

Silverfin Sahagin: ...You come at the behessst of Novv's Clutch? The ssspawnlings wishhh to know more of their clutchfather, do they?

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh... It is odd that they sssend a shhhorewalker, but then, many things appear odd to my aged eyes. Lisssten well, finless one. Novv was once the undisssputed leader of the Coral Tridentsss -- a mighty warrior who thought of naught but the glory and prosssperity of his people.

Silverfin Sahagin: You tell his offssspring that. You tell them they ought to be proud of their clutchfather and his deeds.

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh... It's as though I awoke one day and my finsss were withered and shhhrunk. It ssseems this old warrior will not die in battle, but jussst drift away...

At Reaver Hide

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh... Why do you bother me, finless one? I did not sssummon any Reavers to do my bidding.

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhhahaha! Ssso, you are the one the others have ssseen consssorting with Novv's Clutch. Fortunate for you that all shhhorewalkers look the sssame to usss.

Silverfin Sahagin: If you come ssseeking your Sssahagin friend, I hear Novv has come to parley with Zugg in the Ssserpent's Tongue. I can only guess at the sssubject of their dissscussion. Here, take your shhhell back, finless one.

Silverfin Sahagin: Pshhh? The sssubject of the parley? I did not asssk. All I know is that they intend to meet in the Ssserpent's Tongue.

Back to Seww

Seww: Well, [Player]? Did the old ones have much to shhhay?

Seww: Pshhh... The clutchfather once led the Coral Tridentshhh!? Incredible...

Seww: And now you shhhay he goes to meet with the Tridentshhh' current leader? Pshhh! He cannot poshhhibly expect to negotiate with those fanaticshhh! The shhhtink of ambushhh upon thishhh “parley” reaches me even here!

Seww: Pshhh... Oh, Clutchfather... That is why you chose to attend the meeting without your shhhpawnlings -- you mean to fight those shhhavages alone!

Seww: Finleshhh one! Pshhh! [Player]! I would willingly face battle myshhhelf, but I cannot abandon my duty to protect my clutchmateshhh.

Seww: It falls to you to enshhhure thishhh does not end in tragedy!

Seww: The clutchfather is meeting with the Coral Tridentshhh in the Shhherpent's Tongue. You are the only one I can trushhht to reshhhcue him when the parley turns shhhour. And you can be shhhure it will...

At the Parley

Coral Trident Chief: Pshhh... You come alone into our lair, Novv? Your mind is as wilted as your finsss, old one.

Novv: Fair greeting to you, too, young Zugg.

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh! You have no right to call me by that name!

Zugg the Riptide: I am the Ssscarlet Sssea Devil! Enemies of the Coral Tridentsss tremble at my coming! You would do well to shhhow sssome ressspect! Pshhh!

Novv: Calm yourssself, Zugg. I did not come here to trade insssults. I only wishhh to talk.

Novv: Have you thought about our future, Zugg -- the future of the Sssahagin? Have you ssseen how our people fade into darkness like the evening sssun sssinking below the ocean waves?

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh... Pshshsh...

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhhahahahahaha! Poetry, Novv? You have become even more pitiful than I sussspected!

Zugg the Riptide: You were once feared above all! Bloodthirsssty as a shhhark; deadly as a ray's sssting; sssavage as a sssea ssserpent! The terror of the Indigo Deep!

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh! You were the firssst Ssscarlet Sssea Devil! Have you forgotten who you truly are!?

Novv: I consssigned that title to the deep long ago... along with my heinousss passst.

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh! And that is why your legacy mussst live on through me! The Coral Tridentsss will thrussst our ssspears into the very heart of thisss land, and bathe in the gushhhing blood of the finless ones!

Zugg the Riptide: If we lack the territory in which to ssspawn, then we shhhall take it by force! Our offssspring will thrive on sssand that has drunk the lifewaters ssspilled from our enemies!

Novv: Pshhh... I sssee my words are wasssted on you.

Novv: Is it ssso hard to underssstand, Zugg? What is needed right now is diplomacy -- not war. Your hubrisss will doom our ssspawnlings to lives of violence and misery, with the edge of a sssoldier's blade the only sssurcease.

Zugg the Riptide: The only one doomed here is you! Did you expect to leave here alive, Novv?

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh! Kill the traitor! Rip off his fins! Ssstrip away his ssscales!

Coral Trident Warrior: Pshhh!

Novv: ...Pshhh!

Coral Trident Warrior: Pshhh... Y-You shhhaid he was weak now... Feeble...

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh! Cowards! Ssspineless sssea dogs!

Novv: Return to the shhhallows, Zugg -- you are not ready for the ocean deep.

Zugg the Riptide: Pshhh... Thisss is far from over, old one. As the infirmities of age claim your vigor, I shhhall only grow ssstronger. We shhhall sssee which of usss is remembered by hissstory as the true Ssscarlet Sssea Devil!

Novv: [Player]. You ssstood ready to rushhh to my ressscue? Pshhh... I sssmell Ssseww's hand in this.

Novv: I yet think of him as my little ssspawnling, but his inssstincts are those of a warrior grown. Pshhhahaha! My ssstrength has not dimmed ssso much that I need cower behind the fins of my offssspring!

Novv: But you have my thanksss, all the sssame. Come, let usss return to the nursssery -- it would not be wise for you to linger here.

Finishing the Quest

Novv: Pshhh... An explanation is in order, [Player]. Ssseww? I would have you hear thisss, as well.

Seww: I am lishhhtening, Clutchfather.

Novv: There is much I have kept from the clutch, but the wreckage of my passst cannot ssstay sssubmerged forever. It is time to tell you my tale...

Novv: Fifteen years ago, I led the Coral Tridentsss in countless actsss of piracy.

Novv: Pillage, slaughter, kidnapping -- there was no foul deed I did not commit. For the shhhorewalkers of La Nossscea, I was nightmare made fleshhh, a demon from the Indigo Deep. The Ssscarlet Sssea Devil.

Novv: All those I killed, all the land I ssseized, I did ssso for the future of my people. I had not a sssingle shhhred of doubt that my actions were jussst. I was as zealousss as Zugg is now.

Novv: It is tradition among the Sssahagin that our queen, the Indigo Matriarch, reward a proven warrior with a clutch of her eggs. Sssuch a champion earns the right to become “clutchfather” to the ssspawnlings thusss hatched.

Novv: Even among the elite, my victories overshhhadowed all others. The matriarch honored me with more than a hundred eggs, from which many healthy offssspring emerged. My clutch was the envy of the tribe.

Novv: Never in my arrogance and pride did I expect what was to happen next.

Novv: I returned to my nursssery after a typical campaign of looting shhhips, only to be greeted by a sssight that hauntsss me to this day: the broken corpssses of my ssspawnlings, ssstrewn atop one another in a gruesssome mountain of death.

Novv: This was an act of pure vengeance. The shhhorewalkers had trailed me to our island home, and waited patiently for me to leave. Then they put my children to the sssword.

Novv: Pshhh... I wept and howled until it ssseemed my sssanity had fled. And then, all at once, I underssstood: the blame for my ssspawnlings' grisly fate... it belonged with me.

Novv: Hate and sssuffering brings only more of the sssame. It draws you into a whirling maelssstrom of reprisal and retaliation that leads to naught but a sssoulless abyss.

Novv: My sssalvation lay in the few unhatched eggs that had sssomehow essscaped the bloody retribution. I cassst away my hollow dreams of glory, and focusssed on raising my surviving sssons -- you and your ssspawnbrothers, Ssseww. The Ssscarlet Sssea Devil died that day, and Novv the clutchfather was born.

Seww: Pshhh... I am proud of you, Clutchfather. We will shhhtop the Coral Tridentshhh, I promishhhe you -- not jushhht for ourshhhelves, but for the clutchmateshhh we left behind.

Novv: Does it all make sssense now, [Player]? The reason I recruited you to our cause?

Novv: To be truthful, I have never forgiven the shhhorewalkers for what was done. But I will never let my actions be guided by rage, for that path will not bring usss the peace I desire.

Novv: No, I would create a legacy worth leaving for my children. Let usss continue building that bridge, [Player].

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