Clutch and Kin

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Clutch and Kin

Clutch and Kin Image.png
Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:16, Y:22)
Quest line
Sahagin Beast Tribe
Novv's Nursery

Experience 12,190
Gil 729
Previous quest
They Came from the Deep
Next quest
The Scarlet Bloodletter

Clutchfather Novv needs your help to rein in one of his spawnlings.

— In-game description





  • Novv is concerned that his foolish son, Pyuu, has set off to reason with the notoriously violent Coral Tridents. With his claws full minding the rest of the clutch, the clutchfather asks that you save his offspring in his stead. Speak with Seww, another of Novv's spawnlings, and learn where you must go to rescue the reckless Pyuu.
  • Seww fears that his younger clutchmate, Pyuu, heads to almost certain death at the spears of the Coral Tridents. Make your way towards the Sahagin Landbase found near Halfstone in western La Noscea, and find the wayward spawnling.
  • Just as his clutchmate had feared, Pyuu's clumsy attempt to parley with the Coral Tridents has erupted into violence. Defeat the Trident warriors, and extricate the young Sahagin from his unpleasant predicament.
  • You have rescued Pyuu from his savage kin. According to the contrite spawnling, he merely wished to practice the teachings of his clutchfather, and did not expect such a brutally dismissive reception. Return to Novv's Nursery and report your success to Novv himself.
  • After thanking you for your kindness, Novv explains the dilemma that threatens the future of his race. The clutchfather is adamant that conflict with the “shorewalkers” will only hinder his people's efforts to secure a safe spawning ground in which to raise the next generation of Sahagin. Help bring about a more peaceful future for beastmen and shorewalkers alike by aiding Novv and his clutch in their struggles to contain the Coral Trident fanatics.

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