The Scarlet Bloodletter (Quest)

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The Scarlet Bloodletter

The Scarlet Bloodletter Image.png
Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:16, Y:22)
Quest line
Sahagin Beast Tribe
Novv's Nursery

Required items
1  Juicy La Noscean Oranges
Neutral Relations (150/150)
Experience 12,925
Gil 753
Previous quest
Clutch and Kin
Next quest
Watching the Spawn

Novv needs a rock to sink the bloodthirsty ambitions of the Coral Tridents.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the captain of the Swallow.
  • Speak with the captain of the Swallow.


  • Novv has received the alarming news that the Coral Tridents are swarming another merchant vessel. Concerned that this incident will be the catalyst that triggers a full military campaign against the Sahagin, the clutchfather urges you to make haste to the deck of the Swallow to save its crew. Speak with Pahh, the seabeast tamer, and borrow an elbst to carry you across the waves.
  • After a swift, albeit somewhat wet, journey on the back of the elbst, you pull yourself over the rails of the beleaguered Swallow. Speak with the captain of the craft and learn how you might best assist the crew.
  • The captain of the Swallow bids you take the fight to the Sahagin while his men finish launching the lifeboats. Slay five of the enemies on board and give the captain and his crew the time they need to escape.
  • You have slain a fistful of the Coral Trident raiders. Return to the captain and check on the crew's progress.
  • Thanks to your valiant efforts, the entire crew of the Swallow has managed to flee to Aleport in relatively good health. Find the captain in the port town's tavern and learn how he fares.
  • While recounting the first moments of the attack on his ship, the captain makes mention of the Tridents' supposed leader -- a "red-hued sea devil." Upon overhearing the story, a Maelstrom officer by the name of Ururu Kogururu urges the unhappy trader to recall the specific color. The Lalafellin lieutenant is visibly taken aback at the answer. Ururu goes on to explain that the Scarlet Sea Devil was a particularly savage Sahagin pirate that terrorized the seas of western La Noscea more than fifteen years ago. At the culmination of his chilling tale, the lieutenant departs to report the disturbing revelation to his superior.
  • Lamenting the loss of his vessel and livelihood, but thankful for his life, the captain of the Swallow gifts you with a sack of oranges he managed to salvage from the hold. Return to Novv's Nursery and share your reward with Novv and the spawnlings.
  • After Novv praises you for your actions in saving the crew, you relinquish the sack of oranges to the clutchfather and his curious offspring. The elder Sahagin muses on the differences between your peoples, and provides some insight into the Coral Tridents' rise to prominence. Continue to offer your aid to Novv's Clutch and deepen your understanding of the Sahagin tribe.


Accepting the Quest

Novv: Pshhh... The tide brings ill news, shhhorewalker. It seems the Coral Tridents and their finless pets, the Ssserpent Reavers, are even now ssswarming another vessel off the coast of wessstern La Noscea.

Novv: But there is ssstill time -- we mussst not let them sink this shhhip as they did the lassst one.

Novv: Shhhould the Tridentsss continue to agitate the waters with sssuch abandon, the shhhorewalker elders will shhhurely bring their armies againssst usss.

Novv: Shhhorewalker... Pshhh... [Player], is it? I need you to become the rock I ssspoke of when we firssst met. Board the trading vessel known as the Ssswallow as sssoon as you are able, and blunt the thrusssts of my foolhardy kin.

Novv: We Sssahagin are comfortable with ssswimming long distances, but you have not the required... physiology. You mussst speak with my ssson Pahh.

Novv: The elbssst he breeds are trained to carry those wounded in deepwater ssskirmishes, but they will just as easily carry an uninjured warrior into battle. Pshhh... Your seabeast sssteed awaits!

Talking to Pahh

Pahh: Pshhh... The clutchfather has told me of your need. This elbssst is the largessst and ssswiftest creature in my ssstable, and should have no difficulty in bearing you across the waves.

Pahh: Be shhhure you are prepared for heavy combat, shhhorewalker -- the Coral Tridents often bring their own ssseabeasts into battle, ill-treated and foul-tempered brutes all. And I ssspeak not of the Ssserpent Reavers, though the description may be apt.

Pahh: Pshhh... Are you ready to ride my elbssst to the Ssswallow, finless one?

Talking to the Swallow Captain

Swallow Captain: Please! Take whatever you want! Just let me keep my insides on the inside!

Swallow Captain: ...Eh? You don't work for those marrow-sucking fishbacks? You're here to rescue me and my crew? Well, then! I won't question how you reached us in the middle of the ocean without a vessel of your own...

Swallow Captain: Ahem. This proud lady is the Swallow, and I'm her slightly less-than-proud captain. We were, in fact, in the ignoble process of abandoning ship.

Swallow Captain: If you truly wish to save our skins, then I would be much obliged if you were to stall the enemies on deck while my men continue to prepare the lifeboats. Stall them how, you ask? Try spilling some of their black blood and see if that helps!

Swallow Captain: I'll be supervising things from my, er, “vantage point” here. The deck is swarming with Sahagin and their cronies -- pick a victim and set to, madam!

After Killing the Raiders

Swallow Captain: By the Navigator's nightshirt! You certainly are a force of nature! I was so focused on your deadly dance that I scarce noticed the lifeboats were in the water.

Swallow Captain: <sigh> As much as it pains my heart to lose my dear Swallow, losing my innards would be more painful still! Come, my brave lass -- I can hear the tavern in Aleport calling our names!

At the Tavern

Swallow Captain: Thank you for your aid, my stalwart friend! If you hadn't inexplicably appeared malms from the coast without a sail in sight, I fear my crew and I would now be taking our final rest on the ocean bed -- alongside the broken hull of my sweet Swallow.

Swallow Captain: I had but recently fitted the ship with lifeboats, and I am full glad I did. 'Twas the sinking of that trading ship not long past that prompted me to take such precautions. An awful business, that.

Swallow Captain: Tell me: how is an honest man meant to make a living when the trade routes are thus preyed upon? How can mere merchants be expected to fight through a sea of slavering fishbacks?

Swallow Captain: The ones that attacked us were so bold as to introduce themselves before clambering over our rails. The “Coral Tridents,” they said they were, and praised their leader as some manner of red-hued sea devil--

???: A red-hued sea devil!?

Ururu Kogururu: ...Ah, pray forgive my outburst. Storm Lieutenant Ururu Kogururu, at your service.

Ururu Kogururu: Captain -- and this is of vital importance -- do you recall exactly which red hue the Sahagin used to describe their leader? It wouldn't happen to have been scarlet...would it?

Swallow Captain: Well... now that you mention it, I'm fairly certain it was scarlet. If it were crimson or carmine, I'm sure I would have remembered. A merchant captain must keep abreast of such details, you underst--

Ururu Kogururu: Twelve above... The demon rises from the depths once more!

Swallow Captain: Is something terribly amiss, Lieutenant?

Ururu Kogururu: Some fifteen years ago, there was one Sahagin pirate of such cruelty, such depravity, that he plunged the entire region of western La Noscea into gibbering terror.

Ururu Kogururu: The hands of the stoutest sailor would shake at the mere hint of his shadow on the waves -- truly, he was a monster that froze the hearts of men. Even the Knights of the Barracuda were powerless to halt this villain's rampage.

Ururu Kogururu: So much delight did he take in the act of slaughter that the white coral necklace he wore was stained perpetually red with blood. Thus was the beastman whispered of in tavern-room tales as the “Scarlet Sea Devil.”

Ururu Kogururu: 'Tis been so long since the name's been uttered, I'd thought him perished of old age. But it appears the horror lives on...

Ururu Kogururu: <shudder> These are dark days, my friends. I must return to Camp Skull Valley and report this development to Commander Falkbryda at once!

Swallow Captain: <gulp> Well, this sea devil fellow sounds awfully unpleasant, doesn't he? Perhaps losing my ship was not the most terrible fortune, after all...

Swallow Captain: Ah! I managed to save some things from the hold before we fled. I would be honored if you were to accept a small token of my gratitude.

Swallow Captain: It is not, alas, a sack bulging with coin. You will, however, find no finer friend than these oranges for fending off illness on long sea voyages.

Swallow Captain: <sigh> I had carved out a life for myself as an open-sea trader, but I believe it is time I took up a less perilous occupation. Pig farming, mayhap? Hmmm...

Finishing the Quest

Novv: [Player], you have returned. My ssspawnlings have heard rumors from the Coral Trident camp that the crew of the Swallow essscaped with the aid of an elbssst-riding shhhorewalker. Pshhhahaha, well done! Though the shhhip was taken, the lives you sssaved will ssspare us much enmity.

Novv: Pshhh? What is it you have there...?

Novv: Ah, I have ssseen the like of these before. Fruit, yesss? Picked from your land-grown “trees.”

Novv's Hatchling: Clutchfather! What are those!? They shhhmell shhhtrange!

Novv's Hatchling: “Oh-ren-jez”? Do they tassste as good as sssea cucumbers?

Novv: They are a gift from our shhhorewalker friend. Be shhhure to thank her, and shhhare them evenly among your clutchmatesss.

Novv's Hatchling: Pshhh! Thank you, shhhorewalker!

Novv: Ssstill ssso innocent. But I cannot shhhelter them from the world's harshhh truths forever. What of you, [Player]? Have you any offssspring?

Novv: I imagine a warrior of your ssstature would have much to impart to your hatchlings. Ah, but you shhhorewalkers do not lay eggs, correct?

Novv: Pshhh... There is much I am unfamiliar with concerning your kind, but there is alssso much of our people that you likely find mysssterious. For instance, why have the Coral Tridentsss sssuddenly come to prominence?

Novv: Those who sssucceed in battle are vaunted amongst their kin. And with their ssstrategic use of the Ssserpent Reavers, the Tridentsss have achieved a growing number of victories.

Novv: Now you tell me they boassst of a new leader? You are certain of the name?

Novv: Pshhh... This does not bode well for our plans at all. I did not expect the Ssscarlet Sssea Devil to return...

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