They Came from the Deep

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They Came from the Deep

They Came from the Deep Image.png
Quest giver
R'ashaht Rhiki
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13.1, Y:12.8)
Quest line
Sahagin Main Quests
Novv's Nursery
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestIn Pursuit of the Past
Required items
1 Maelstrom Field Potion Icon.png  Maelstrom Field Potion
1 Shark Tooth Necklace Icon.png  Shark Tooth Necklace
Experience 5,830
Gil 729
Next quest
Feature QuestClutch and Kin

R'ashaht Rhiki has an urgent duty to press upon a conveniently available adventurer.

— In-game description


  • Tend to wounded survivors.


  • Commander Rhiki relays to you the disturbing details of a civilian ship sunk in the Strait of Merlthor. Suspecting Sahagin involvement, she asks that you report to the Maelstrom soldier in charge of the rescue operation. Make your way to Bloodshore in eastern La Noscea, and speak with Private Wilfalk.
  • You report to Private Wilfalk, who wastes no time in assigning you the duty of tending to the wounded and exhausted survivors washed up on the sand. Use the Maelstrom field potions supplied to you by Wilfalk if the victims of the attack appear injured.
  • You have tended to the traumatized victims. Report back to Private Wilfalk.
  • No sooner have you returned to the private than a band of Sahagin appears before you. Rather than inflict any further grief, it seems the beastmen are singularly intent on seeing a young boy to safety. Speak with Robyn, and seek to understand this perplexing turn of events.
  • According to Robyn, the Sahagin who saved him were not the same “scary fishmen” that attacked the ship. The boy also appears to have found a shark tooth necklace belonging to one of his saviors, and asks that you return it to its beastman owner. Find Novv's Nursery in western La Noscea, and show the trinket to the settlement's wary young guard.
  • The young Sahagin acknowledges your honorable intentions, and invites you to enter the nursery. Find and speak with the settlement's chief, Clutchfather Novv.
  • Delighted by the return of his cherished necklace, Clutchfather Novv welcomes you to his home. It appears that you have stumbled upon a rare clutch of Sahagin -- a group that isn't immediately interested in spilling your lifeblood on the ground. Speak with Novv to learn what you may about this unusually hospitable beastman settlement.


Accepting the Quest

R'ashaht Rhiki: Your hearing must be exceptional, [Maelstrom Rank][Surname]/[Forename]. Hm? If you did not overhear the linkpearl report, then why─ Well, no matter. 
R'ashaht Rhiki: You are here now, and we could certainly use your aid. I have just received word that raiders have sunk a civilian vessel in the Strait of Merlthor. 
R'ashaht Rhiki: One of our warships is en route as we speak...though I fear there will be little left for them to find. 
R'ashaht Rhiki: I am uncomfortably familiar with tales of pirates looting─and even commandeering─their targets, but to sink the ship entire? An excessively brutal act, even for a buccaneer.
R'ashaht Rhiki: No, I'd wager cold hard coin that those thrice-damned fishbacks are behind this─them and their Serpent Reaver lackeys. The Sahagin have much to answer for... 
R'ashaht Rhiki: Vengeance will be forthcoming, but let us first focus on rescuing what poor souls we may. While the warship scours the waters, I would have you head to eastern La Noscea and look for any survivors washed up on the sands of Bloodshore. 
R'ashaht Rhiki: One of my soldiers, Private Wilfalk, has been deployed to coordinate the search. Speak with him when you arrive, and he will direct your efforts to where they are most needed. May Llymlaen guide your steps. 
R'ashaht Rhiki: I'd prefer naught more than to gut a few score fishbacks and leave their corpses rotting on the beach, but our rescue efforts must come first. Make your way to Bloodshore and search the shallows for survivors!

Speaking with Wilfalk at Bloodshore (Cutscene)

Wilfalk: Yer the one Commander Rhiki said to expect, then? I'm Wilfalk, a private in the commander's Foreign Levy. 
Wilfalk: As ye can see, there ain't much for me to coordinate. The fishbacks made a good mess o' that ship─seems barely a handful o' the poor buggers what were sailin' on it made it ashore alive.
Bedraggled Woman: <cough> <cough> I? Where is Robyn? Where is my son!?
Wilfalk: Now ye just calm yerself down, goodwife. We'll have yer boy back in yer arms afore ye can spit up another lungful of seawater. 
Wilfalk: The tide's been merciful to a fortunate few like the goodwife here, an' carried them all the way to the beach.
Wilfalk: Here. Ye'll be needin' some o' me medical supplies for the bleedin' an' the injured. Take a walk along the coast, now, an' help them as ain't beyond helpin'. 

Using Maelstrom potions on injured survivors/tending to wounded survivors

Wounded Survivor: <gasp> <wheeze> I can...barely breathe...
Wounded Survivor: <cough> <pant> Thank you...thank you... Which of the seven heavens is this? Bloodshore? Oh...
Wounded Survivor: <cough> <splutter> Ugh...
Wounded Survivor: I... I made it? One moment we was sailin' along, happy as ye please... the next, I was strugglin' to keep me head above the waves...
Injured Survivor: Argh! Me shoulder! It burns! Don't take me arm, I'm beggin' ye!
<Using Maelstrom Field Potion>
Injured Survivor: Ah, I can feel me fingers again. Those gutless fishbacks! They were over the rail and swingin' afore I could stammer out a prayer to the Navigator.
Injured Survivor: Ugh... Wave slammed me into the rocks... They cut me up some, I think. Is it bad...? 
<Using Maelstrom Field Potion>
Injured Survivor: My thanks. I feel much stronger now.
...All I remember is an impact like bloody thunder, and the deck lurching beneath my feet. Then they came aboard.

Optional Dialogue

Bedraggled Woman: Have you seen my little Robyn? I was certain I held him tightly as we fell into the water. So very, very tightly...
Wilfalk: Ye didn't spy any little ones amongst the survivors, did ye? A shame, it is. A damn shame...

Speaking with Wilfalk (Cutscene)

Wilfalk: Ye've saved some lives this day, lass/lad. 'Tis a terrible thing what happened, but ye take what solace ye can in the little victories. 
Wilfalk: ...Not that any amount o' solace'll have me forgivin' those blasted fishbacks. Ye expect attacks on the navy─that's what we signed up for─but sinkin' a civilian ship with women an' children aboard... The Sahagin have ice water for blood, I tell ye.
Bedraggled Woman: <sob> No... Not my little Robyn...
Wilfalk: Me condolences, goodwife, I know how hard this must─
Wilfalk: Leviathan's scaly arse! 
Wilfalk: Sahagin! Here!?
Band of Sahagin: Pshhh... Pshhh...
Wilfalk: What, ye didn't get yer fill o' slaughter out on the strait!? If ye want to finish the job ye started, then ye'd best start with me!
Sahagin Warrior: Pshhh...
Lively Lad: Mum!
Bedraggled Woman: Robyn!? My darling Robyn!
Robyn: Mum! There you are!
Bedraggled Woman: Oh, my dear Robyn, you're safe! Thank the Twelve above!
Wilfalk: The lad's alive!? What manner o' fishback trickery is this!?

Speaking with Robyn

Robyn: I'm fine, if a bit wet! I thought I would sink right to the bottom of the sea, but then some nice fishmen came and saved me! 
Robyn: They were naught like the scary ones that came after our ship! But the stories say that all the fishmen are nasty... Isn't that odd? 
Robyn: Um, might I ask you a favor? 
Robyn: I found this necklace at the bottom of the little boat the nice fishmen used to carry me to the shore. I'm certain it must be one of theirs!
Robyn: I'd take it back to them myself, but I don't think my mum would like that... Could you maybe return it for me? 
Robyn: The last I saw, they were swimming towards western La Noscea. That must be where they live! I wonder if their houses are made of seaweed! 

Optional Dialogue

Bedraggled Woman: My precious boy... I thought him lost to the sea. I shall praise the mercy of the Navigator morn and eve for the rest of my days.
Wilfalk: Why would the fishbacks save the child of their enemy? It makes not a lick o' sense. Those heartless bottom-feeders are up to somethin'. Somethin' devious.
Robyn: Please don't hurt those fishmen─they're some of the nice ones! Even if they did smell a bit like rotting crabmeat... Heh heh.

Showing the shark tooth necklace to the Sahagin spawnling

Sahagin Spawnling: What is the meaning of this tressspass!? I should ssskewer you where you ssstand, finless one! 
<Hand Over Shark Tooth Necklace>
Sahagin Spawnling: Pshhh! You carry the necklace of Clutchfather Novv! How is it that you possess this cherished treasure? 
Sahagin Spawnling: ...You come at the behest of the child he sssaved? Sssuch unusual manners for a shhhorewalker. 
Sahagin Spawnling: Pshhh... You may pass. Ssseek out Clutchfather Novv and be shhhure to keep your tone respectful─he is the elder of our clan.
Sahagin Spawnling: Pshhh... You shhhow courage, finless one. Few shhhorewalkers would so boldly approach our settlement. Go, ssseek out Clutchfather Novv and make no trouble.

Speaking with Novv (Cutscene)

Novv: Pshhhahaha. Rare it is to sssee a shhhorewalker in our midst. I am Novv, clutchfather to this clan of ssspawnlings. Ah, the finless child bid you return my necklace, did he? 
Novv: Pshhh? No, I had no ssspecial reason for sssaving the boy. Only that for the Sahagin─as it is for you shhhorewalkers─offspring are considered the most preciousss of treasures. 
Novv: All that reside here are bound by ties of blood. All are the children of the clutchfather. 
Novv: Only ssslightly less precious to me than my ssspawn is the trinket you bring. It was a gift─a commendation from our beloved matriarch. I thank you for returning it to me.
Novv: We have a sssaying: “The favor of one is repaid by the gratitude of the clutch.” Pshhh... I welcome you to our home. 
Novv: Perhapsss a modest banquet is in order. I do not know, however, if our ssspread will agree with your shhhorewalker ssstomach! Pshhhahaha!