They Came from the Deep

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They Came from the Deep

They Came from the Deep Image.png
Quest giver
R'ashaht Rhiki
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13, Y:12)
Quest line
Sahagin Beast Tribe
Novv's Nursery

Required quest
In Pursuit of the Past
Required items
1  Maelstrom Field Potion
1  Shark Tooth Necklace
Experience 12,190
Gil 729
Next quest
Clutch and Kin

R'ashaht Rhiki has an urgent duty to press upon a conveniently available adventurer.

— In-game description


  • Tend to wounded survivors.


  • Commander Rhiki relays to you the disturbing details of a civilian ship sunk in the Strait of Merlthor. Suspecting Sahagin involvement, she asks that you report to the Maelstrom soldier in charge of the rescue operation. Make your way to Bloodshore in eastern La Noscea, and speak with Private Wilfalk.
  • You report to Private Wilfalk, who wastes no time in assigning you the duty of tending to the wounded and exhausted survivors washed up on the sand. Use the Maelstrom field potions supplied to you by Wilfalk if the victims of the attack appear injured.
  • You have tended to the traumatized victims. Report back to Private Wilfalk.
  • No sooner have you returned to the private than a band of Sahagin appears before you. Rather than inflict any further grief, it seems the beastmen are singularly intent on seeing a young boy to safety. Speak with Robyn, and seek to understand this perplexing turn of events.
  • According to Robyn, the Sahagin who saved him were not the same “scary fishmen” that attacked the ship. The boy also appears to have found a shark tooth necklace belonging to one of his saviors, and asks that you return it to its beastman owner. Find Novv's Nursery in western La Noscea, and show the trinket to the settlement's wary young guard.
  • The young Sahagin acknowledges your honorable intentions, and invites you to enter the nursery. Find and speak with the settlement's chief, Clutchfather Novv.
  • Delighted by the return of his cherished necklace, Clutchfather Novv welcomes you to his home. It appears that you have stumbled upon a rare clutch of Sahagin -- a group that isn't immediately interested in spilling your lifeblood on the ground. Speak with Novv to learn what you may about this unusually hospitable beastman settlement.

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