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Kobold Daily Quests are the the Beast Tribe Quests for the Kobold race. Players can find the Kobold quest-givers at 789th Order Dig in Outer La Noscea (x21,y18). To unlock Kobold Daily Quests, players must complete the level 41 quest Highway Robbery. Players can start the quest in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12,Y:12). Players must have completed the Main Story Quest In Pursuit of the Past


Players can unlock Kobold Daily Quests by completing the following:

Quest Level NPC Zone Coordinates EXP Gil
Highway Robbery 41 Trachraet Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x12,y12) 11500 691
How Low Can You Go 41 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu Outer La Noscea (x21,y18) 11500 691
No-good Zo Ga's Ambition 44 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu Outer La Noscea (x21,y18) 12190 729
The Kobold and the Beautiful 48 Skaetswys Outer La Noscea (x34,y31) 13965 776
Revenge of the Furred 48 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu Outer La Noscea (x21,y18) 13965 1184


Rank Rep Required
Neutral 150
Recognized 360
Friendly 510
Trusted --
Allied --

'Trusted' is the maximum rank attainable through Kobold missions. 'Allied' is unlocked by completing the Allied Beast Tribe Quests, after having attained the maximum rank for the five ARR Beast Tribes.

Daily Quests

Level 41

Obtained from 789th Order Dustman Bo Zu (Rewards 10 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
Battle of the Bottom-feeders Subdue two kobold roundsmen, and defeat the kobold overseer that appears.
Bo Zu's Blown Cover Transport the bomb to the specified location at Iron Lake. Defeat the priest that spawns. Interact with an ember and defeat the bomb to obtain the limpet bomb core.
Finger Licking Good Defeat three grenades to obtain grenade digits.
Hells Have No Fury After speaking to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go, use the /soothe emote on pygmy bombs at Iron Lake.
Ill-Gotten Gains Search 639th Order pots for three high-grade electrum ore.
Know Your Place After speaking to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go,Set three smoldering coals on the 596th Order supplies northeast of Camp Overlook. Release the smart bombs from a safe location. Retrieve a bomb core from the embers. Deliver the core to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
Misery Loves Company After speaking to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go, set three glowing coals by the 639th Order digger.
Mothers of All Bombs Slay breeding bombs and obtain three cores. These will spawn as you move close to the firs in the designated area.
No Such Thing as a Free Lunch Collect three steaming lunchpots from Iron Lake.
Rubbish for Refuse Collect three Worthless Ore from around Iron Lake. Take them to the quartermaster at Camp Overlook.

Level 44 / Reputation: Recognized

Obtained from 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu (Rewards 14 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
A Dangerous Delivery Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go. Take the bomb to the furnace near 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi. Then kill the furnace guardsman that spawns.
Ambushing the Assessors Use the bang toss on target points at Iron Lake then dispatch three 27th Order Watchmen.
Armed and Dangerous Use the coal on the braziers, and kill the three mobs that spawn. Bring the Hot Grenade Arm back to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
Belles of the Ball Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Zo Go. Enter the 13th Order Workshop Use three bright coals on the Alchemy Wains. Kill the 13th Order Watchman that spawns. Use the Advanced Smart Bomb on the safe location. Interact with the embers. and kill the Advanced Smart Bomb. Take the bomb to Ba Go.
Brain Buster Speak with 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi to enter the 13th Order Workshop. Interact with 13th Order Alchemists and Scholars and slay six of them.
Contents Unknown Overcome any and all obstacles to acquire three contents of the 13th Order silverpots. Speak to 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi to enter the workshop.
Operation Riffraff Speak to 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi to enter the workshop. Interact with the pressure valve and use the arm obtained on the Pressure Lid. Interact with the embers until a Big Shrapnel spawns and kill it to get the Shrapnel Core. Take it to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
The Sly Salvages Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go. Enter the workshop and go to the designated area. Kill four Cobalt Golems. Use the Waymaker Bomb on the Swaystone.
The Lode Warrior Deliver the Titan Mythrilshield obtained in the FATE "The Miner in the Mirror" to Bo Gu.
Too Hot to Handle Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go. Destroy two bomb incubators.

Level 48 / Reputation: Friendly

Obtained from 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu (Rewards 20 reputation points per quest)

Quest Name Description
Friends in Low Places Slay 5 of Zo Ga's elite-roundsmen, quarrymen, priests, or bedesmen.
Genius at Work Obtain 5shards of crystalline saltpeter from U'Ghamaro Mines and deliver them to Ba Go.
Ba Go's Behest Defeat 2 U'Ghamaro Golems, then slay Number 132 when it appears to obtain its soulstone. Defeat 2 Synthetic Doblyns and then slay the greater doblyn when it appears to get its shell. Deliver both items to Bo Bu.
Glutton for Punishment Use three boom tosses on specified locations. Kill the shard doblyns that appear for their shells.
Fulminating Furnaces Ba Go. Destroy a prototype bomb incubator in U'Ghamaro Mines. Search the embers for the dazzling bomb and slay it to acquire its arm then deliver the glowing arm to 789th Order Dusman Bo Bu.
A Meal Fit for a Fugleman Speak to 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi. Examine a dingy pot and slay the 13th Order patrolman that appears. Open the dingy pot and retrieve a goldpot key, then examine a 13th Order goldpot and slay the U'Ghamaro guardian that appears. Unlock the goldpot and retrieve the writhing thing. Take it to 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu.
Spread the Wealth Place 3 flickering coals beside the Model 96 digger. Obtain smart bombs. From a safe location, release the smart bombs.
Wrath of the Roundsman Deliver the Titan Electrumshield obtained in the FATE "Making the Rounds" to Bo Bu.
A Coblyn Catastrophe Deliver the Titan Steelshield obtained in the FATE "Full Metal Alchemist" to Bo Bu.
Angry Angry Acolyte Speak to Ba Go. Get a Mark II bomb from the prototype bomb incubator and blow up the 13th order furnace. Return to get a second bomb to blow up the second furnace. Search the embers and kill until you get a Mark II limpet bomb core. Return to Ba Go.


Item Icon Reputation Gil
Quicksilver Quicksilver icon1.png Neutral 4
Beastkin Blood Beastkin blood icon1.png Neutral 7
Coral Butterfly Coral butterfly icon1.png Neutral 18
Cloves Cloves icon1.png Neutral 16
Jellyfish Umbrella Jellyfish umbrella icon1.png Neutral 24
Aldgoat Horn Aldgoat horn icon1.png Neutral 238
Scalekin Blood Scalekin blood icon1.png Neutral 73
Bomb Ash Bomb ash icon1.png Neutral 82
Morbol Vine Morbol vine icon1.png Neutral 128
Blue Landtrap Leaf Blue landtrap leaf icon1.png Neutral 128
Vitriol Vitriol icon1.png Neutral 216
Cork Brown Dye Cork brown dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Gobbiebag Brown Dye Gobbiebag brown dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Apple Green Dye Apple green dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Adamantoise Green Dye Adamantoise green dye icon1.png Friendly 334
Sylph Green Dye Sylph green dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Meadow Green Dye Meadow green dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Ul Brown Dye Ul brown dye icon1.png Recognized 216
Wind-up Kobold Wind-up kobold icon1.png Trusted 25,000
Bomb Palanquin Horn Bomb palanquin horn icon1.png Trusted 120,000
Automaton Digger Automaton digger icon1.png Trusted 26,136
Kobold Furnace Kobold furnace icon1.png Trusted 21,780
Glamour Dispeller Glamour dispeller icon1.png Trusted 500
Wind-up Kobolder Wind-up kobolder icon1.png Allied 25,000

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