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Going Haam

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Going Haam

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Quest giver
Estinien's Chambers (X:3.5, Y:3.5)
Quest line
Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Gil 6,276
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestCurrying Flavor
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestLike Fear to Flame
Feature QuestA Request of One's Own

Main Scenario Progress: 836 / 853 (98%)


Endwalker Progress: 138 / 155 (89%)


Urianger wishes to depart at once.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:


Recently returned colleague is located at X:21.3 Y:22.5 Z:1.9



  • With your course of action decided, Urianger proposes an immediate departure, but Varshahn begs a moment to assume his adult form before setting out. After making your own preparations, you meet your comrades at the High Crucible.
  • To facilitate the opening of the gate, you must acquire sufficient stores of aether, as well as obtain permission to use the Tower of Babil to channel it unto the moon. As Varshahn believes the Ilsabard contingent will oblige your request, he proposes that you attend to the aether problem first. Thus do you make your way to the airship landing and the journey ahead.
  • The northern Isle of Haam off the coast of Old Sharlayan is purported to hold substantial aether deposits, which should more than suffice for your needs. Alas, access to the isle is restricted, and you must first petition the Forum to grant you leave to travel there. This is, of course, not the first time you have needed to navigate Sharlayan bureaucracy, and so you soon find yourself crossing the familiar threshold of the Baldesion Annex in search of your old friend Krile.
  • You find Krile deep in conversation with Erenville, who reveals he will be away for an extended period attending to a private matter. After hearing the details of your plan, Krile pledges the support of the Students of Baldesion, and Erenville offers the name of a researcher who likely knows how aether was intended to be stored and transferred to the Ragnarok. So buoyed by the support of your friends, you bid them farewell and head to Sharlayan Hamlet in search of the researcher named Margrat.
  • Margrat's exuberant joy at being free of the burden of unconscionable deadlines is as disturbing as it is relatable. She explains that shipping your aether will be no different than shipping wine, provided you avail yourselves of the aether tanks once destined for the Ragnarok. Failing to recall what became of them after the Final Days were averted, Margrat instead directs you to a colleague who should know where to find them─a man who should be wearing a conspicuous outfit boasting of his recent vacation. In this sea of subdued fashions, such a radically dressed researcher should be easy enough to spot...
  • Kokkol Dankkol's shirt is indeed a clarion call proclaiming to all and sundry that he has forsaken work for an altogether-too-brief time. After a quick chat, he agrees to lend you the aether tanks without hesitation, though he laments that he can do nothing to grease the wheels of the Forum, which ever turn slowly. As is his wont, however, he elects to describe said tendencies in a rather more inelegant fashion, only to be corrected by a stone-faced Fourchenault, who arrives in the company of Krile and Scholarch Montichaigne. The Forum has passed a favorable verdict, states Fourchenault, on the sole condition that you slay whatever fearsome beasts you encounter during your expedition to the Isle of Haam. Your transportation to the island has also been arranged; the vessel awaits you in Scholar's Harbor.
  • The captain is ready to depart, but Urianger bids you wait a short while. It seems an additional member of the party is late, but before you can inquire as to their identity, Thancred announces himself. Bolstered by your charismatic companion, you are ready to challenge the Aetherfont.
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • Though you are forced to contend with countless beasts flush with the isle's abundant aether, they pose little challenge to you and your comrades. Nevertheless, the memory of the terrors which slumbered in the depths may linger for a time... In any event, you are free to rest and gaze into the mesmerizing undulations of the geyser while you wait for Kokkol Dankkol's airship to arrive.
  • Thanks to Kokkol and his engineers, you succeed in harvesting a sufficient supply of aether. After observing Thancred counsel Zero on the concept of trust, you leave the tanks in Kokkol's charge and travel to Old Sharlayan.
  • Thancred's brief time with you is at an end, sadly, as the bard must take his leave and return to his other responsibilities. With your first objective complete, you turn to Urianger, who will guide you in the next step of your plan to open a new voidgate.