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Towards the Firmament

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Towards the Firmament

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Quest giver
Recruitment Notice
Foundation (X:9.7, Y:11.5)
Quest line
Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests

Required quest
Litany of Peace
Experience 83,700
Gil 0
Next quest
A Home in the Firmament
Mislaid Plans

Prominently posted, the notice fairly jumps out at you.

— In-game description




  • Prominently posted, the notice fairly jumps out at you.
  • Glancing over the notice, you learn that a large-scale reconstruction project has commenced in the Ishgardian district called the Firmament, and able hands are being sought for the works. Interested parties are invited to seek out a man named Thomelin in the Brume to be shown to the district.
  • In the middle of your conversation with Thomelin, an old acquaintance arrives on the scene-Lord Francel de Haillenarte, whom you saved from a heretic's fate once upon a time. It is revealed that he was chosen to be lord overseer of the project, and thanks to his influence, you are given an exemption from requiring a work permit. Having informed you of his plan to survey the citizens to learn what they envision for the Firmament, he asks for the pleasure of your company before setting out for the Jeweled Crozier, where he expects to find a diverse assortment of people.
  • By a twist of fate, those citizens whom you surveyed were all your prior acquaintances-the ever-saucy Hilda, the ever-unflappable Briardien, and the ever-hopeless Emmanellain. Satisfied that he has heard enough, Francel turns to you to review what you have learned.
  • Your information gathering complete, Francel invites you to join him for an inspection of the Firmament, and directs you to present yourself to Thomelin to be shown in. You are entrusted with a bottle of mulled wine, which you are to present to the man when you see him.
  • Thomelin is deeply touched by the gift from Francel, which was delivered by the hands of a great hero, no less. Having expressed his profuse thanks, he offers to show you to the Firmament, where Francel awaits.
  • Bidding you welcome to the Firmament, Francel provides you with an overview of the reconstruction effort. Though determined to make the district into a vibrant, thriving place for highborn and lowborn alike, the young lord is all too keenly aware of the immensity of his task. It is then, as he is expressing self-doubt, that Edmont makes an unannounced appearance, and thanks to the retired count's sage advice, Francel finds a way forward once more. After Edmont takes his leave, you are introduced to a fellow named Augebert, the chief foreman of the project, with whom you may speak for directions on site. Thus informed, you resolve to aid Francel and do your part to make the Firmament into a district for a new Ishgard.



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