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To Thaw a Frozen Heart

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To Thaw a Frozen Heart

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Quest giver
The Firmament (X:15.4, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests
Required items
2 Cream yellow dye icon1.png  Cream Yellow Dye
Experience 25,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestShadow of an Icy Past
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Making of a Market
Feature QuestIf Songs Had Wings
Side QuestAdventurers and Admirers
Side QuestShadow over the Orphanage

Francel would hear Marcelloix's tale.

— In-game description




Despite what the journal says, Cream yellow dye icon1.png  Cream Yellow Dye is not a craftable Dye. You will have to buy it.



  • Francel would hear Marcelloix's tale.
  • At Francel's urging, Marcelloix tells you his tale. He used to support his family as a craftsman, he explains, but disillusioned with the commonfolk's lot, he made the decision to leave Ishgard and follow Lady Iceheart. By the time he had completed his transformation into a dragon, however, the war had ended. And to make matters worse, he found that he was unable to revert to his original form. Deeply remorseful, Marcelloix wishes to make amends to his wife and child, and at Francel's suggestion, he decides to express himself through action, using his skills to make gifts for them and other residents. To begin with, Francel offers to find a suitable venue for Marcelloix to do his work, and together you make your way into the New Nest.
  • To help with his crafting, Marcelloix asks that you supply him with two pots of cream yellow dye, which you can choose to craft yourself or purchase from Eilonwy at the Mendicant's Court.
  • You have delivered the cream yellow dye to Marcelloix. With the crafting proceeding apace, Francel declares that it is time to arrange a gathering. While Foncrineau goes off to find the residents, you are tasked with personally bearing word to Audaine.
  • Though Audaine remains undecided as to whether she wishes to take back her husband, your words convince her to come and hear what Marcelloix has to say. Your invitation thus delivered, you make your way to the gathering at the top of the steps at Saint Roelle's Dais.
  • Marcelloix presents his gifts, his earnest gesture winning over even those residents who had voiced their disapproval of him. Not least of all, Audaine finds it in her hearts to give him a second chance even if forgiveness won't come overnight. Wishing to thank you and Francel both, Marcelloix asks that you accompany him to find the young lord.
  • Marcelloix presents Francel with a gift as a token of his appreciation. When Ehll Tou expresses her displeasure at not being recognized, Francel placates the dragonet by granting her permission to freely come and go from the Firmament. Last but not least, Marcelloix presents you with a gift of your own. Though helping others is its own reward, the experience serves to stoke your determination to strive for the happiness of the people of the Firmament.