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Ehll Tou

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Custom Deliveries NPC. For the mount, see Ehll Tou (Mount).
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Ehll Tou

Ehll Tou.jpg

Female ♀
Dragon (Dragonet)
The Firmament (13.5,11.2)
Gullinbursti (sire)
Quest NPC

Ehll Tou is a Dragon found in The Firmament.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
If Songs Had Wings Feature quest 60 Ehll Tou
O Crafter, My Crafter Feature quest 70 Ehll Tou
An Ode to Unity Feature quest 70 Ehll Tou

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Shadow of an Icy Past Feature quest 60 Noalle
To Thaw a Frozen Heart Feature quest 60 Francel


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Firmament (X:14.4, Y:12.7)
The Firmament (X:13.5, Y:11.2)

Custom Deliveries

Rank Crafted Gathered Fished
Level 1 Custom gathering tool components icon1.png  Custom Gathering Tool ComponentsCollectable Gathering tool paraphernalia icon1.png  Gathering Tool ParaphernaliaCollectable Hoplite icon1.png  HopliteCollectable
Level 2 Custom weaving components icon1.png  Custom Weaving ComponentsCollectable Weaving paraphernalia icon1.png  Weaving ParaphernaliaCollectable Hook fish icon1.png  Hook FishCollectable
Level 3 Custom crafting tool components icon1.png  Custom Crafting Tool ComponentsCollectable Crafting tool paraphernalia icon1.png  Crafting Tool ParaphernaliaCollectable Cloudweed icon1.png  CloudweedCollectable
Level 4 Handpicked culinary essentials icon1.png  Handpicked Culinary EssentialsCollectable Handpicked ingredients icon1.png  Handpicked IngredientsCollectable Fatty herring icon1.png  Fatty HerringCollectable
Level 5 Printing essentials icon1.png  Printing EssentialsCollectable Printing paraphernalia icon1.png  Printing ParaphernaliaCollectable Inkshell icon1.png  InkshellCollectable


"When I gaze upon the towering spires of this city, I imagine a roost built with my own claws, larger even than the one my sire calls home!"

Progeny of Gullinbursti, of the noble Ratatoskr line, Ehll Tou was rescued by Marcelloix from an imperial soldier, and has since wished to learn the ways of men, that she might one day fill the skies with a new song that will be sung by all. She eventually made her way to Ishgard, and while learning of its history, discovered the one inalienable difference between man and dragon—a love of crafting. The dragonet was inspired to pursue the path of an artisan, and once fitted with tools suitable to her claws, embarked on an arduous journey of enlightenment. In the midst of her training, she would undergo an evolution heretofore unseen in her kind, developing dextrous forelimbs capable of wielding all manner of tools for her craft.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 173