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The Brume Lifts

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The Brume Lifts

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Quest giver
Charlemend De Durendaire
The Firmament (X:10.4, Y:12.4)
Quest line
Ishgardian Restoration Sidequests
Required items
1 Letter Red Ribbon.png  Elaborate Epistle
Experience 25,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestMay Featherfall Flourish
Next quest
Feature QuestYou Can Count on It

Count Charlemend de Durendaire would petition your aid in realizing his bold vision for the future of Ishgard.

— In-game description




  • Count Charlemend de Durendaire would petition your aid in realizing his bold vision for the future of Ishgard.
  • On the streets of the newly opened Featherfall, the Count de Durendaire elaborates upon his plans for ensuring a thriving economy in Ishgard, a plan to which your old friend Lord Drillemont is quick to offer his aid. As Charlemend tells it, he seeks to employ his house's formidable fleet of airships as well as the knights who serve in his name─many of whom now sit idle with the war over─to ensure a steady flow of goods both into and out of the Holy See. To accomplish this, he will need an instructor to train a new contingent of pilots and machinists. Drillemont suggests one Sestivald, an accomplished airshipman and veteran of the war who has since fallen on hard times. Charlemend entrusts you with a contract, and you set off for the Brume to extend the offer to the unfortunate man.
  • Sestivald can scarcely believe his ears that anyone would offer him such a prestigious position, and he accepts the offer with profuse gratitude, eager to seize this chance to turn his life around. You accompany the man to visit the Count de Durendaire, such that the arrangement may be finalized.
  • Sestivald expresses his profound gratitude to Charlemend in front of Count Edmont de Fortemps, who has since joined you and your companions in the Brume. Moved by the Count de Durendaire's devotion to his new cause, he pledges that House Fortemps, too, will do their part to ensure that the long-suffering residents of the Brume will reap their fair share of Ishgard's newfound prosperity. You rejoice at the sight, heartened to see that a new age has truly dawned in the Holy See.