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CP are your crafting points. CP are required to use some of your crafting actions. While crafting, your CP will decrease as you perform your abilities. If the CP cost of a crafting ability is greater than your remaining CP, you cannot use that ability. CP regenerates to full after you complete a craft.

  • When you have a crafting class equipped, CP bar replaces your MP bar.

Attributes StrengthDexterityVitalityIntelligenceMind
Elemental Resistances FireIceWindEarthLightningWater
Status Resistances SlowSilenceBlindPoisonStunSleepBindHeavy
Offensive Properties Critical HitDeterminationDirect Hit Rate
Defensive Properties DefenseMagic Defense
Physical Properties Attack PowerSkill Speed
Physical Resistances SlashingPiercingBlunt
Mental Properties Attack Magic PotencyHealing Magic PotencySpell Speed
Role TenacityPiety
Crafting CraftsmanshipControl
Gathering GatheringPerception
PvP Morale