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Rhalgr, breaker of worlds, is the god of destruction and guardian deity of the nation of Ala Mhigo. He commands the element of lightning and is associated with the eighth moon of the Eorzean calendar. He is most often depicted as a magi carrying a staff of bronze. His symbol is the streaking meteor.


Rhalgr is known as an attendant of Nymeia, who was also responsible for assigning Byregot and Halone to be his wards.[1][2][3] Curiously enough, Rhalgr's exact origins are left somewhat undefined by Eorzean creation myth. In Lewphon's telling, Rhalgr's appearance in the world is never described independently of his relation to Nymeia, Byregot, and Halone. This has implied to some, that Nymeia was responsible for his creation, given her deific role as the Spinner.

According to the Faith of the Twelve, in the Heaven of Lightning, Rhalgr's levinbolts are what power the massive clockwork spire that becomes the resting place for engineers, architects, revolutionaries and conquerors of evil. Levin charged shards of the comet drop into the Pit, raining down on the vandals, slumlords and warmongers sent to the Hell of Lightning.[4]

Worship Practices and Organizations

In Ala Mhigo

Rhalgr became known as Ala Mhigo's patron deity, thanks to survivors of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, who believed the deity led them to dry land by way of a comet he sent down from the heavens. This unified faith in Rhalgr eventually split into several factions, the largest of which became the organization of monks known as "The Fist of Rhalgr." These monks were responsible for many of the statues of Rhalgr carved into the stones of Gyr Abania.

Twin catastrophes in Ala Mhigo eventually led to the waning of the religion. First, Mad King Theodoric, wary of the power wielded by the monks of Rhalgr, sacked their monastery and violently suppressed the religion. While eventually defeated, Theodoric's reign was almost immediately followed by the imperial occupation. As was typical of the Garlean Empire, the imperial legati forbade all worship of any deity, including Rhalgr. [5]

Comparisons to Ramuh

Scholars have been known to conflate Rhalgr of the Twelve with Ramuh, god of the Sylphs, due to their similar appearances and affinity for Lightning. The theory claims that they are each aspects of the same being, and that it is only the legends passed down by the different races that resulted in the perception of two separate deities.[6]

Holy Sites

  • The Mark of Rhalgr can be found in Little Ala Mhigo, in Southern Thanalan.
  • Rhalgr's Reach in Ala Mhigo is believed to have been graced by the deity's presence, and for that reason served as the home of the Fist of Rhalgr monks until the reign of the Mad King.
  • Schism, a cavernous temple believed to be built by the first monk of the Fist of Rhalgr, contains two intact statues of Rhalgr.
  • Numerous statues exist of the deity across Gyr Abania, although many of them were damaged or destroyed during the Garlean purge of iconography. Including...

Saints and Important Figures

Saint Moergynn

Moergynn was a blacksmith who became revered for the constancy of his craft. His deeds are recounted in the tale of Saint Moergynn and the Endless Blade.[7] His image is now used in relation to Tradecraft leves of Constancy.

Saint Wargbhar the Mirthful

Wargbhar, also known as "Truthful Bear", was a well-respected pioneer leader who became revered as an example of enduring sincerity. His deeds are recounted in the tale of Saint Wargbhar the Mirthful.[8] His image was used on certain Fisher levequests of Sincerity, until the plate type was retired by the release of Endwalker.

Myths of the Realm

Following the events of Endwalker, reports begin to surface about adventurers encountering Rhalgr in present-day Eorzea.

Main article: Myths of the Realm


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