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Male ♂
Spoken (Kojin)
The Ruby Sea (27.8,16.4)
The Divine Circle
Quest NPC

Tamamizu is open to you, friend. Full glad are we to welcome any and all, and the treasures they might bring unto us.

— In-game description

Bunchin is a Spoken found in The Ruby Sea. He is the elder (and thus, leader) of Tamamizu, and makes an appearance in a number of quests involving the Blue Kojin.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Tortoise in Time Feature quest 70 Bunchin
The Fire-bird Down Below Feature quest 70 Bunchin
Surpassing the Samurai Feature quest 70 Bunchin

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Of Kojin and Kami Main Scenario quest 62 Soroban
The Whims of the Divine Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
Breaking and Delivering Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
An Auspicious Encounter Feature quest 70 Soroban
The Fifth Lord Feature quest 70 Seiryu
A Test of Courage Feature quest 60 Kabuto
True-blue Feature quest 60 Kabuto

Additional Information

The Kojin believe that newborn souls reside in an object for a time before passing into an egg, and it is from these objects that Kojin gain their individual qualities, as well as their names. Bunchin, a venerable Kojin of the Blue, and the elder of Tamamizu, is named after the Far Eastern word for "paperweight." In the past, his peers often mocked him for his slow and languorous[1] motions, and even as the dignified leader he has become, Bunchin does not care to be addressed by this unflattering appellation. In all other things, however, the elder's generosity is as an unbound sea, and the favorable relationship which now exists between adventurers and the Blue is in large part by virtue of his compassionate leadership.

— Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 2, page 104

  1. languorous: characterized by an oppressive stillness.