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Mentor System and Novice Network provides more experienced players a means to offer advice and guidance to newer players.
  • Mentor System was introduced in patch 3.2.

What is a Mentor

Mentors are veteran players who chose to offer their time and experience to help guide new adventurers. To facilitate their assistance, mentors will gain access to a special chat channel as well as a means to easily register for duties and trials with new players.

As a mentor you are expected to actively perform the following:

  1. Provide gameplay advice for new adventurers and other players.
  2. Be an exemplar for player etiquette.
  3. Invite new adventurers to the Novice Network and answer their queries in the chat channel.

Mentor Requirements

To qualify to become a mentor, players must first have earned certain achievements. There are two sets of prerequisites: one for Disciples of War and Magic (Battle Mentor), and one for Disciples of the Hand and Land (Trade Mentor). After earning the required achievements for either set, speak with one of the Smiths to become a mentor.

Requirements for Battle Mentors (Disciples of War/Magic)

1. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
Dungeon Master Complete 1,000 instanced dungeons, raids or trials.

2. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
Leaving a Better Impression I Receive 1500 player commendations.

3. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
Speaker for the Righteous Complete the Tank role quest To Have Loved and Lost

4. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
Speaker for the Honorable Complete the Healer role quest The Soul of Temperance

5. Players must obtain at least one of the following 2 achievements:

Achievement Requirements
Speaker for the Brave Complete the Physical DPS role quest Courage Born of Fear
Speaker for the Wise Complete the Magical DPS role quest A Tearful Reunion

Requirements for Trade Mentors (Disciples of the Hand/Land)

1. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
I Collected That I Gather or catch 300 collectables.

2. Players must obtain the following achievement:

Achievement Requirements
I Made That: (Worth Collecting) I Synthesize 100 collectables.

3. Players must obtain at least one of the following 3 achievements:

Achievement Requirements
Breaking Rocks in the Hot Sun VIII Achieve miner level 80.
Fear the Reaper VIII Achieve botanist level 80.
Gone Fishin' VIII Achieve fisher level 80.

4. Players must obtain at least one of the following 8 achievements:

Achievement Requirements
Knock on Wood VIII Achieve carpenter level 80.
Temper, Temper VIII Achieve blacksmith level 80.
The Riddle of Steel VIII Achieve armorer level 80.
Heart of Gold VIII Achieve goldsmith level 80.
Tougher than Leather VIII Achieve leatherworker level 80.
Smiling, Styling, and Textiling VIII Achieve weaver level 80.
'Tis True without Lying VIII Achieve alchemist level 80.
All in Good Taste VIII Achieve culinarian level 80.

Mentor Online Status

After registering with a Smith NPC, the online status Mentor will become available. This online status has also been added to the player search interface, allowing new players to more easily seek help from those willing to offer assistance or answer questions.

Regardless of online status, mentors will always have access to the Novice Network and receive the experience point bonus from grouping with new adventurers. Battle Mentors will also always be eligible to register for Duty Roulette: Mentor.

Smith Locations

Mentor Types

Mentor statuses are now separated into categories so that players can search for a mentor specialized in their play style. Players who meet the qualifications to become mentors can select from one of up to four different mentor status icons using Edit Search Info in the Player Search menu. Players who are already mentors can also set their status in the same manner.

  • Mentor / PvE Mentor / Trade Mentor / PvP Mentor

A player's selected mentor status will display next to their character's name as well as in Player Search and the Novice Network.

Mentor types1.png

  • Mentor: A player who meets the qualifications for both Battle Mentor and Trade Mentor status.
  • PvE Mentor: A Battle Mentor (one who meets the qualifications to help Disciples of War or Magic).
  • Trade Mentor: A Trade Mentor (one who meets the qualifications to help Disciples of the Hand or Land).
  • PvP Mentor: A Battle Mentor who specializes in helping others in player versus player combat.

Novice Network

Novice network1.png

Upon becoming a mentor, you can gain access to the Novice Network by typing in the command /nnetwork on. The Novice Network is a chat channel where new adventurers can seek the advice of veteran players.

  • The "New Adventurer" status is applied to all players who have less than 168 hours of play time and have not completed the quest A Requiem for Heroes, unless they have toggled this status off by using the command /nastatus.

When chatting via the Novice Network, an icon will appear next to your character name to indicate whether you are a mentor or a new adventurer.

Returner - players who have not played the game in 45 days or more and have at least one class or job at level 50 or above will receive the Returner status and be able to join Novice Network.

Using the Novice Network

Depending on whether you are a mentor or a new adventurer, you can gain access to the Novice Network via one of two ways.

Mentors: Mentors are automatically added to this channel upon logging in or changing areas.

New Adventurers: New adventurers must be invited by a mentor.

  • Mentors can access the Novice Network regardless of their online status.
  • The display of the Novice Network chat log can be enabled or disabled via the Log Filters setting under the General tab of Log Window Settings in the Character Configuration interface.
  • New adventurers will automatically have their chat mode set to Novice Network when they join the channel.

After joining the Novice Network, new adventurers will receive a unique online status icon, which can be seen in the following windows:

  • The Party Members, Friend List, and Player Search tabs of the Social interface.
  • The Members list of the Free Company interface.
  • The Linkshells interface.

Novice Network Capacity

The Novice Network can accommodate up to 100 mentors and 412 new adventurers, for a combined total of 512 players. Provided that a space is available, mentors will be added to the Novice Network automatically upon logging in or changing areas.

New adventurers must receive an invitation from mentors in order to access the Novice Network. Once invited, new adventurers will be added to the Novice Network automatically when logging in or changing areas provided that a space is available. Please note that a space must be available at the time a mentor invites a new adventurer to join the Novice Network.

Viewing Novice Network Participants

Selecting the sprout icon next to the log window will display a list of all mentors and new adventurers currently participating in the Novice Network.

Removing Players from the Novice Network

In cases of spamming or harassment, a mentor can kick another mentor or a new adventurer from the Novice Network channel. Kicked mentors cannot return for three hours, and kicked new adventurers for thirty minutes. Please be advised that, in doing so, your name, the name of the player being kicked, and the reason will be displayed to everyone on the channel.

  • Customer support will be notified when a player is removed from the Novice Network. If your decision to kick a player from the channel was found to be inappropriate then you may face punishment.
  • Mentor privileges may be revoked for repeated infractions.

Experience Point Bonus

When a new adventurer and a mentor form a party, they both receive a bonus to experience points earned from adventuring activities. This experience point bonus applies until level 20.

Bonuses to experience points earned will apply to the following:

Both mentors and new adventurers must be in the same area to receive the experience point bonus. The experience point bonus will not apply when suffering an experience point penalty due to discrepancies in level or when using the Undersized Party feature.

Duty Roulette: Mentor

Battle Mentors will also gain access to Duty Roulette: Mentor, which assigns players to duties that are struggling to fill party member slots. Note that players who only qualify for Trade Mentor status will not gain access to this roulette.

  • With the exception of parties actively seeking members for an ongoing duty, Duty Roulette: Mentor will not match together a full party of mentors.

Furthermore, players can earn an exclusive achievement reward after completing Duty Roulette: Mentor a set number of times.

  • Achievement rewards will be added in a future update.
  • After registering for Duty Roulette: Mentor, your online status will be automatically changed to "Mentor" if you are eligible for that status, otherwise it will be changed to "PvE Mentor".

Players will obtain the 2-seater Astrope mount after completing 2,000 Mentor Roulettes.

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