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After each dungeon, trial and guildhest, you can give 1 player in the party a commendation. Commendation should be given to the most helpful, greatest contributing or most valuable player in the party. Players cannot give commendations if they are in pre-made parties. Players will accumulate Player Commendations and unlock various rewards.


# of Player Commendations Achievement Name Reward
10 Leaving a Good Impression I The Heart of The Party Title
50 Leaving a Good Impression II Princely Hatchling
100 Leaving a Good Impression III Partisan's Crown
300 Leaving a Good Impression IV Sovereign Barding
500 Everybody's Darling Gilded Magitek Armor
1,500 Leaving a Better Impression I The Best Gown Ever
3,000 Leaving a Better Impression II Parade Chocobo

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