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Dreams of a New Day

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Dreams of a New Day

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:12.0, Y:10.2)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 0
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestAwakened, Not Stirred

Tentoawa is eager to set a trap for Leophyne.

— In-game description




Aggressive difficulty r6.png Unbound: Leophyne the Unchivalrous




  • Tentoawa is eager to set a trap for Leophyne.
  • You speak with Tentoawa and Loazenikwe, sensing the former's eagerness to depart to the Churning Mists. Fortunately, he is not forced to wait long, as Handeloup soon appears with good tidings. The joint operation against Leophyne has been approved, and the Vanu Vanu have agreed to join forces with the Temple Knights should the disgraced knight appear. He asks that you depart soon to take part in discussions of strategy, and the two visitors from Tural appear keen to journey heavensward.
  • Sonu Vanu greets you heartily, and explains that the visit is to proceed as planned, with the caveat that all present will be on alert for any sign of Leophyne. As if summoned by the mention of her name, a Zundu warrior interrupts your conversation, explaining that an Ishgardian airship has fallen from the sky near where the Zundu were practicing the sundrop dance. Sensing Leophyne's machinations, together you, Tentoawa, and Loazenikwe rush to the outskirts of Ok' Zundu to help the fallen warriors.
  • Tentoawa and Loazenikwe stand ready to rush to the rescue of the Ishgardian knights and the Vanu Vanu, certain that Leophyne will make an appearance. Join the Wide Eye and the Shut Eye in defending the injured and bringing a villain to justice!
  • While Leophyne does not scruple to employ every dirty trick in her arsenal, you and your companions manage to best her. Leophyne lashes out in a final desperate attempt to use the Cradle of the Sleepless, but you take the brunt of its force, and your eyelids close under the weight of its influence. You awaken to see Tentoawa and the others smiling above you, with the unchivalrous knight nowhere in sight.
  • With Leophyne having fallen to an uncertain end, and the treasure recovered, your mission is a success. All that remains before Tentoawa and Loazenikwe return home is to inform Handeloup of your success in quelling this threat to his city and people.
  • While it seems news of your deeds has preceded your arrival, Handeloup is nonetheless profuse with his thanks, saying that now Ishgard and Ok' Zundu are closer than ever for having conquered yet another mutual foe. He invites the visitors from Tural back any time before saying his farewells, and Tentoawa encourages you to meet him and Loazenikwe at Xbalyav Ty'e in Tuliyollal before the pair return to their village.
  • The Cradle of the Sleepless is back with its rightful owners, but Tentoawa and Loazenikwe declare that they do not intend to use it as they once did. Inspired by the fellowship of the Ishgardians and the Vanu Vanu, Tentoawa wishes to forge a path that leads to friendship between his village and its neighbors. In this way he hopes that his people come to live without relying on the treasure, but he realizes that the path must be navigated with delicacy. He and Loazenikwe seem up to the task, however, and after they say their farewells, they turn towards a brighter future.