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The Mightiest Shield

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The Mightiest Shield

To Steal a Steelhog.png
Quest giver
Ceetol Ja
The Lochs (X:32.8, Y:33.8)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Required quest
Feature QuestAlly in the Alley
Physical Ranged DPS role.png Physical Ranged DPS
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestAlly in the Alley

Ceetol Ja steels herself for the final confrontation with Chalteaufite.

— In-game description




Aggressive difficulty r6.png Unbound: Chalteaufite Cravenscreed



  • Speak with Ceetol Ja.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja again.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja once more.
  • Speak with Ceetol Ja once more with gusto.
  • Speak with Raholl Ja at Xbalyav Ty'e.


  • Ceetol Ja steels herself for the final confrontation with Chalteaufite.
  • You receive word from your men on the inside that Chalteaufite and his gang will soon begin their assault on Ala Mhigo. Just as you are preparing to leave, Kaqool Ja once again demonstrates his knack for being in the right place at the right time, and offers his services in the upcoming battle. Glad to have the mercenary's axe, you and Ceetol Ja prepare for the final confrontation with Chalteaufite.
  • You arrive in the nick of time, as Chalteaufite's gang have yet to reach their intended target, the Royal Palace. As their caravan loaded with magitek weaponry cannot traverse the various flights of stairs throughout the city, Ceetol Ja suggests taking a shortcut and intercepting your foes.
  • Now that you are ready to spring your ambush and cut off Chalteaufite's advance, Ceetol Ja awaits your signal to attack. Although your foe possesses not only the Steelhog Vessel but an untold number of magitek warmachines, you and your comrades cling to the hope that the key to victory will yet present itself.
  • Remembering that “Even the mightiest shield will eventually crack,” you succeed in shattering the artifact's barrier and Chalteaufite's dreams of world domination along with it. Now that the Steelhog Vessel is back in Ceetol Ja's hands and the gang members clapped in irons, you take a moment to savor your triumph.
  • After the battle, Kaqool Ja reveals his intention to repent for his crimes by turning himself in to the authorities. He also wishes one day to apologize to the members of Ceetol Ja's village for the harm he has caused using the artifact, should he ever have the opportunity to visit. Ceetol Ja herself welcomes the idea, but for now, there are more immediate concerns, such as returning to Tuliyollal to present Raholl Ja with the Steelhog Vessel.
  • As one might expect, Raholl Ja is thrilled by the safe return of the vessel, yet even that is overshadowed by the joy of reuniting with his granddaughter after her perilous mission overseas. Now that the artifact has been retrieved, the villagers can resume hunting in the forest without fear of being devoured by monstrous creatures. Ceetol Ja offers her heartfelt thanks and bids you farewell until chance or fate brings you together once more.