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Meaning "land of indomitability" in the Amalj'aa tongue, Zanr'ak is the main dominion of the beast tribe in practice, if not in name. The word is thought to have had particular significance since Ifrit first appeared to the beastmen in ages past.

— In-game description

Zanr'ak is an area in Southern Thanalan.


Landmark (map icon).png
Zanr'ak Encampment

The Zanr'ak encampment serves to hold what forces Zahar'ak, the main camp, cannot. Reports indicate that the beastmen stationed in this forward base are from lesser tribes.

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Zanr'ak Altar

Used to augur the outcome of future battles, the Amalj'aa have never been known to go to battle without first making a pilgrimage to the bloody altar of sacrifice.

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Circle of the Tempered

Those whose souls have been cleansed by Ifrit's fires-that is, made the primal's tempered thralls-have come to settle in this village. The Circle of the Tempered may also the be secret refuge of Mamanzo the Charred, a thaumaturge upon whose head rests a heavy price.