Sagolii Desert

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Sagolii Desert

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Sagolii Desert

The Sagolii Desert can prove a harsh mistress for anything living, and Ul'dah makes use of the place only to banish the worst of its criminals. The Amalj'aa, on the other hand, believe it has been cleansed by holy flame, and the young and unbloodied test themselves on the great worms who "swim" beneath its sunbaked sands.

— In-game description

Sagolii Desert is an area in Southern Thanalan.


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Byregot's Strike

According to the Sons of Saint Coinach, the Sagolii Desert was once a verdant sea of lush plains capable of sustaining great civilizations, as is evidenced by the Allagan ruins recently discovered in the area. A massive drilling device designed to crack the rock beneath the sands and reveal the secrets beneath has since been constructed on the site, the awe-inspiring structure being given the name the Byregot's Strike.

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Forgotten Springs

In this village dwells the U Tribe of Miqo'te, who live on water from the oasis and game from the Sagolii Desert. In times past, it was a stop for traders on the road to Cape Deadwind, the southernmost point of Aldenard. After continued pirate attacks sent the coastal area into decline, however, fewer and fewer travelers passed through the Springs, and now Ul'dah has all but forgotten it exists.