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The Flames of War

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The Flames of War

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Quest giver
G'raha Tia
Azys Lla (X:8.9, Y:31.1)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests II
Experience 22,440
Gil 0
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestFor Vengeance
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestWhen the Dust Settles

Main Scenario Progress: 694 / 853 (81.4%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 153 / 157 (97.5%)


With Lunar Bahamut bound for Paglth'an, G'raha Tia is determined to call upon the aid of your fellow Scions.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • With Lunar Bahamut bound for Paglth'an, G'raha Tia is determined to call upon the aid of your fellow Scions.
  • Still reeling from the news of Lunar Bahamut's reappearance, you board the Bonanza and set your sights for Ul'dah, where you are to assemble with your fellow Scions. After a restless flight, you enter the Hall of Flames to find Thancred and the others making preparations for what seems certain to be a decisive battle.
  • Shortly after your arrival, you are met by Nanamo, who reveals that the Immortal Flames have joined the Amalj'aa in the defense of Paglth'an. Yet even with their combined strength, it is plain they will struggle to repel the draconic horde, and so the sultana bids you enter the fray without further delay.
  • The Immortal Flames have readied an airship to bear you to the front line. Yet even approaching the battlefield is like to be a perilous undertaking, with the skies over Paglth'an now host to a swarm of dragons. A swarm led by Lunar Bahamut, whose true might you have yet to measure...
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • Strong though the primal was, you and your comrades were stronger. Now Lunar Bahamut is no more, and the Telophoroi's attempt to conquer Paglth'an has ended in defeat, leaving their routed forces to flee for their lives. With a mixture of triumph and relief, you drag your weary limbs back to Ul'dah to assess the outcome of the battle.
  • Standing once more in the airship landing, you find your allies somewhat worse for wear, but otherwise unscathed. But while all present have ample cause for celebration, you notice at a glance that Alphinaud has something on his mind.
  • Registering your concern, Alphinaud explains that he is anxious to learn whether Arenvald has returned from his reconnaissance mission to the tower at Paglth'an. Coinciding as it did with the Telophoroi's attack on the nearby settlement, it is not yet known whether he was able to slip past the enemy undetected.