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Breaking New Ground

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Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10.8, Y:14.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Required items
1 Sooty envelope icon1.png  Sooty Envelope
Experience 210,600
Gil 1,057
Previous quest
Feature QuestCanyon of Regret
Next quest
Feature QuestSellspade

Adalberta has an attractive proposition for you.

— In-game description



You can now begin Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes. Familiarizing yourself with the Collectables system at this time is a good idea. It will be as quick to level with as Levequests or Grand Company missions, and provides access to the Crafter and Gatherer endgame currencies: Scrips.



  • Adalberta has an attractive proposition for you.
  • Adalberta has received a request for an expert miner from a company of sellswords currently in Ishgard. The guildmaster strongly urges you to pursue the opportunity. If the thought of prospecting in the north calls to you, speak with Linette to obtain the necessary proof of your affiliation.
  • Linette hands over the papers, along with her best wishes for your venture. Take the sooty envelope to a knight stationed in front of Fortemps Manor.
  • Upon realizing who you are, the knight welcomes you to House Fortemps. He informs you that his lord has seen fit to hire foreign sellswords to explore more of Ishgard's territory. You are to join Oschon's Raiders─one such company. Make your way to the Forgotten Knight and speak with Haimirich, the company's captain.
  • Haimirich welcomes you warmly to Oschon's Raiders, and introduces Hatchling, after a fashion. This youngest member of the company clues you in on a tradition of sorts, and gives you the nickname “Professor.” Haimirich bids you wait for the present, as there is no work to be had. However, he asks that you make yourself ready for when it comes.
    • ※The next miner quest will be available from Haimirich upon reaching level 53.


Adalberta: Well, [Forename], as I live and breathe! I don't suppose you would be interested in a commission, would you? The guild just received a request from sellswords in Ishgard.
Adalberta: I know how that sounds, but it's a company that's been charged with doing a mineral survey, and they need an expert's eye. Their captain is an Ul'dahn, too, one who's familiar with the guild's way of doing things.
Adalberta: Now, Ishgard's territory is untamed and dangerous. But it's worth it to go where no miner has gone before, and I urge you to accept. Linette can supply proof that you're a genuine guild member if you do.
Adalberta: You should consider the opportunity before you, [Forename]. If you do decide it's worth your time, speak with Linette for the necessary papers.
Linette: I take it you're the one to explore the mineral wealth of Ishgard? Excellent! Well, the mercenaries who sent for you are employed by one of the High Houses. These papers will serve as proof of your position.
Linette: As you will technically be employed by House Fortemps, I think the courteous thing to do is go to their manor and speak with a knight. The best of luck to you!
Linette: I wonder if they will escort you inside Fortemps Manor after you deliver the papers...
House Fortemps Knight: Hm? What brings an adventurer to our doorstep?
House Fortemps Knight: Of course, the expert from the Miners' Guild. Welcome, sir/miss, welcome.
House Fortemps Knight: You are one of a very few outsiders with the honor of serving House Fortemps. Indeed, the count has but recently seen fit to hire foreign sellswords for their experience and knowledge of other lands.
House Fortemps Knight: You are to work with Oschon's Raiders, one such company under our banner. Their captain, Haimirich, can be found between jobs at the Forgotten Knight. No doubt he is enjoying the excellent ale.
House Fortemps Knight: Whatever his profession, I do think Haimirich a man of honor. I have even joined him for a cup at the Forgotten Knight.
Hatchling: Hm? Do I owe ye money or somethin'?
Haimirich: You're the one come to help us with the mineral survey? Pleasure to have you, my friend. I'm Haimirich, captain of Oschon's Raiders.
Haimirich: You'll like workin' with us. Me an' the lads, we take pride in what we're doin'. Wars are lost for want o' resources as often as for want o' valor, an' we can't all be dragonslayers.
Haimirich: That attitude's won us the count's trust. So when the jobs come down from House Fortemps, I'm the one who decides how they get done. Which is to say, my word's the only one that matters. Are you willin' to take orders from me?
Haimirich: Hah, good lad/lass! 'Course, I'll keep you clear o' monsters an' the like. But trouble's got a nasty habit o' findin' us Raiders. The time might come when you've got to swing that pickaxe in self-defense.
Hatchling: There's all manner o' wild beasts out there. Leave 'em to the cap'n an' me─you just worry about not pissin' yer own britches! Har har har!
Haimirich: Excuse him, [Forename]. He's jus' young. An' stupid. Very, very stupid. He's so new to this life that he's almost got eggshell stuck to his fat little head. So we call him Hatchlin'.
Hatchling: <sigh> Cap'n's got fun nicknames for all of us. Tradition, he calls it. So what's yours to be? You're a professor or somethin', right? So...what about “Professor”?
Haimirich: ...Bloody simple, isn't it? But that'll make for easy rememberin'. All right, Professor it is! An' that wraps up your initiation. We've nothin' to do for the time bein'. A job'll come from House Fortemps soon enough, though, so make yourself ready for when it does.
System: The next miner quest will be available from Haimirich upon reaching level 53.
System: The requirements for undertaking subsequent quests can be reviewed in your journal.
System: Your skills as a forager would be put to great use in gathering collectables. Speak with Morgayne at Saint Reinette's Forum in Ishgard to learn more of this lucrative business opportunity.