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Forging Northwards

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Forging Northwards

Forging Northwards.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10.6, Y:14.9)
Required quest
Before the Dawn
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
Waiting in the Winglet
Next quest
Leave It to Fremondain

Forgemaster Brithael's eyes seem to shine with pride.

— In-game description



You can now begin Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes. Familiarizing yourself with the Collectables system at this time is a good idea. It will be as quick to level with as Levequests or Grand Company missions, and provides access to the Crafter and Gatherer endgame currencies: Scrips.



  • Forgemaster Brithael's eyes seem to shine with pride.
  • Forgemaster Brithael thinks it is high time that a smith of your caliber earned realm-wide renown. He has even found you a potential employer: a noble house of Ishgard. Their representative, one Fremondain, awaits you at the Drowning Wench. Make your way there, and hear the man out.
  • Fremondain, you learn, is a steward in the service of Baroness Laurisse de Jervaint. She is the lone daughter of House Jervaint, a family that has fallen from its once-lofty position within Ishgardian society. Thus, while the need for a blacksmith is great, the most that Fremondain can offer for your services is a healthy dose of "honor." If this meager offer has not dissuaded you, seek out the steward in the Jeweled Crozier in Ishgard.
  • After arriving in Ishgard, you speak with Fremondain. He introduces Baroness Laurisse to you, and explains the cause of House Jervaint's destitution─Ser Jervaint, the lady's father, lost his knighthood. Now, however, Ishgard's upcoming grand tournament may afford the baroness an opportunity to restore the family's good name─the champion of this event will be offered the knighthood her father lost. Before explaining how you fit into all of this, however, Fremondain notices that you are tired from your journey, and bids you seek him out again after you have recovered.
    • ※The next blacksmith quest will be available from Fremondain upon reaching level 53.