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Turndown Service

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Turndown Service

Turndown Service.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:12.2, Y:7.9)
Required quest
Before the Dawn
Experience 210,600
Gil 517
Previous quest
Accept No Imitations
Next quest
By Your Bootstraps

Geva has a task that demands your attention.

— In-game description



You can now begin Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes. Familiarizing yourself with the Collectables system at this time is a good idea. It will be as quick to level with as Levequests or Grand Company missions, and provides access to the Crafter and Gatherer endgame currencies: Scrips.


  • Deliver the selection of guild samples to Elde at the Jeweled Crozier.
  • Speak with the merchants at the Jeweled Crozier. 0/3
  • Report to Elde.


  • Geva has a task that demands your attention.
  • Geva has received a rare request from Ishgard for a sample of Fen–Yll's finest work. The guildmaster needs you to take it to a merchant named Elde. However, she also wishes you to turn Elde down in no uncertain terms should she wish to make a substantial order. The toll of large-scale trade with Ishgard would simply be too costly for the life in the Black Shroud. Make your way to the Jeweled Crozier, and speak with the merchant.
  • You meet with Elde, and deliver Geva's message. Nevertheless, the merchant sees a new opportunity in you, Geva's disciple. As her shop is newly opened, she asks that you serve as an advisor, and consult with her about leatherwork. Your first task, so to speak, is speaking with the shopkeeps along the Jeweled Crozier, for something is not right in the markets of Ishgard.
  • After speaking to a number of merchants, you are left with the impression that the Jeweled Crozier has goods for either the very rich, or the very poor─but nothing in between. Return to Elde, and report your findings.
  • Elde confirms your assessment of the Jeweled Crozier, and lays before you her mission. She means to provide high-quality products to everyone at reasonable prices, regardless of their station. She bids you to join her crusade if it speaks to you.
    • ※The next leatherworker quest will be available from Elde upon reaching level 53.