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Lance of a Lifetime

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Lance of a Lifetime

Lance of a Lifetime.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:10.3, Y:12.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Required items
1 Broken spear icon1.png  Broken Spear
Experience 210,600
Gil 722
Previous quest
Feature QuestSaving Captain Gairhard
Next quest
Feature QuestA-hunting He Will Go

Timbermaster Beatin has need of the wandering carpenter.

— In-game description



You can now begin Feature QuestInscrutable Tastes. Familiarizing yourself with the Collectables system at this time is a good idea. It will be as quick to level with as Levequests or Grand Company missions, and provides access to the Crafter and Gatherer endgame currencies: Scrips.



  • Timbermaster Beatin has need of the wandering carpenter.
  • Timbermaster Beatin produces a spear shaft found in the North Shroud. Though the head has broken off, he proceeds to identify it as Ishgardian in origin and fawn over its quality. He feels that such a treasure must be returned to its rightful owner, and asks you as a well-traveled adventurer to visit the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly in Ishgard. Make your way there, and find a veteran knight who might be able to tell you to whom the spear once belonged.
  • You speak with a veteran knight, who informs you that the broken spear is most likely that of a long-dead member of the order. He directs you to this man's son, Barthovieu, known to frequent the Brume.
  • Barthovieu, a lowly soldier, accepts the broken lance in amazement. He tells you his father was weak, a knight who left to fight Dravanians, but instead died an honorless death at the claws of mere beastkin. Barthovieu now lives in squalor as a struggling single father. For the sake of his son, he means to earn himself knighthood by hunting dragons. However, he needs a bow to do so, and would ask you to make him one after he can scrape together the necessary funds.
    • ※The next carpenter quest will be available from Barthovieu upon reaching level 53.


Beatin: Ah, [Forename]. I trust you have continued carving away at perfection in our art?
Beatin: I have a somewhat unusual request for you today─finding the owner of an errant spear.
Beatin: A member of Gridania's finest brought it to me after discovering it during his patrol. How it ended up in the North Shroud is a mystery, but it is a fine piece of craftsmanship.
Beatin: The style is undeniably Ishgardian─though few could tell as much, as the spearhead is missing.
Beatin: To a master, however, the love of both carpenter and wielder for this weapon is obvious. The haft has been worn smooth through use, revealing the quilted pattern of the wood.
Beatin: It is a king amongst lances. I thanked the Wailer for his help─though it is a great pity he could not find the spearhead. Regardless, it deserves to be returned to he who loved it. I know I would be distraught if I lost such a treasure.
Beatin: As guildmaster, my duties keep me firmly rooted here. Yet you, as an adventurer, have spread your branches far and wide─hence why I have brought it to your attention.
Beatin: Thankfully, the lance gives us a clue as to its owner─here, the winged crown of the Temple Knights carved upon the shaft.
Beatin: Of course, this only somewhat narrows the field. But a member of their order may be able to help. Judging by the age of the spear, the more veteran the better. In any case, I now leave this in your capable hands.
Beatin: Have you presented the lance to a Temple Knight yet? When you do, pray ask if all their weaponry is as fine as this piece.
Veteran Temple Knight: Hm? Aye, I've been with the Temple Knights for more years than I care to remember. Outlived more than a few whelps, too. So how might I help you, lad/lass?
Veteran Temple Knight: Seven hells take me... Haven't seen a lance like this since I was a squire. The owner's like to be old as me. Or dead.
Veteran Temple Knight: Ahhh, who was that one bloke? Some fool, joined the order 'round when I did, only to get himself killed by beastkin. Reason I remember him is because we found everything but his lance.
Veteran Temple Knight: Had a son, too. Craven lad, by the name of Barthovieu. Known to hang about the Brume. Take the lance to him if you like, but if I'm right about it, I'm glad it's broken. Any lance that couldn't fend off a few beasts has no place with the Temple Knights. <spit>
Veteran Temple Knight: Forgotten the lad's name already, eh? Barthovieu. Known to frequent the Brume.
Barthovieu: Aye, Barthovieu's my name. What business does an adventurer like yourself have with a lowly soldier like me?
Barthovieu: This...this is my father's spear! And you say it was in the Black Shroud?
Barthovieu: I was just a boy the last time I saw this. 'Twas the day my father rode off to battle the Horde astride his steed, a fine man of the Temple Knights. Last time I saw him alive, too.
Barthovieu: We got his body back by and by, mangled though it was to the seven hells. Killed by measly beastkin of all things. Damn milksop.
Barthovieu: That's the way of Ishgard, adventurer─a man killed by dragons is a hero, and a man killed by beasts... Well, let's just say I've my father to thank for the pox on my house.
Barthovieu: As I see it, my honor's mine to reclaim. I'll show the Temple Knights I'm worthy of their ranks with the only proof they'll accept─a Dravanian's corpse.
Barthovieu: But I'll not fight with the spear. I've no desire to be mauled to death, like my father. The bow's my weapon now. Or it would be, if I had a proper one to hunt dragons.
Barthovieu: You said you're a man/woman of the Carpenters' Guild, didn't you? Could you do it? Fashion me a proper composite bow, I mean. 'Tis a sudden request, I know, but─
Barthovieu: Philipallais? One moment, son, I'm busy. But why don't you say hello to the adventurer?
Barthovieu: <sigh> You'll have to excuse the boy. It's just me and him now. I fear his manners have suffered for it.
Barthovieu: He's a bright lad, and I'm training him to wield the bow. We'll eat for a week on the fowl he brings home. But I've got no delusions. This is a hard life. I want better for him...
Barthovieu: But back to the matter at hand─I'm not a rich man, and I don't have the gil to pay for a composite bow. But given time, I can scrape a bit together. And then, I'll expect your finest.
System: The next carpenter quest will be available from Barthovieu upon reaching level 53.
System: The requirements for undertaking subsequent quests can be reviewed in your journal.
System: Your skills as an artisan would be put to great use in crafting collectables. Speak with Morgayne at Saint Reinette's Forum in Ishgard to learn more of this lucrative business opportunity.
System: If you seek even greater tests of your crafting prowess, you would do well to acquire master recipes.
System: Speak with Guiding Star at Revenant's Toll to learn about them.