Studium Quests

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Unlocked via Feature QuestThe Faculty.

See also: Quest#Class.2C_Job.2C_and_Role_Quests, Class Quests and Studium Deliveries

Faculty of Archaeology

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Professor Rurusha's New Friend Feature quest 80 Boric
The Dormant Dhyata Sidequest 80 Rurusha
Gears of Gold Sidequest 83 Rurusha
Rubbished Research Sidequest 85 Rurusha
Boric's Choice Sidequest 85 Rurusha
A Friend in Need Sidequest 88 Rurusha
Wayback Machine Sidequest 90 Rurusha Found in translation icon1.png  Found in Translation

Faculty of Astronomy

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
In Search of the Azure Star Feature quest 80 Jude
The World without You Sidequest 80 Jude
Poetry Recital Sidequest 83 Jude
One Step Forward Sidequest 85 Jude
A Ten-year Promise Sidequest 85 Jude
An Astronomical Growth Sidequest 88 Jude
The Promised Star Sidequest 90 Jude Starry night icon1.png  Starry Night

Faculty of Medicine

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Perfectly Awful Feature quest 80 Debroye
Make It Sweeter Sidequest 80 Debroye
Remember the Texture Sidequest 83 Debroye
Aroma Is Key Sidequest 85 Debroye
Long Live the Gourmet Sidequest 85 Debroye
Perfectly Delectable Sidequest 88 Debroye
Sharlayan Cuisine Sidequest 90 Debroye Winning bread icon1.png  Winning Bread

Faculty of Anthropology

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Cultured Pursuits Feature quest 80 Hinageshi
Cooking Up a Culture Sidequest 80 Hinageshi
The Culture of Ceruleum Sidequest 83 Hinageshi
The Culture of Carrots Sidequest 85 Hinageshi
Hinageshi in Hingashi Sidequest 85 Hinageshi
The Culture of the Past Sidequest 88 Hinageshi
The Culture of Love Sidequest 90 Hinageshi 'tis not hereafter icon1.png  'Tis Not Hereafter

Faculty of Aetherology

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Fear the Thesis Feature quest 80 T'laqa Tia
Go with the Flow Sidequest 80 T'laqa Tia
Data across the Decades Sidequest 83 T'laqa Tia
History Lesson Sidequest 85 T'laqa Tia
The Wandering Whale Sidequest 85 T'laqa Tia
Fish Time Forgot Sidequest 88 T'laqa Tia
Pastures New Sidequest 90 T'laqa Tia Sufficient data icon1.png  Sufficient Data

Other Studium Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
The Meeting of Minds Sidequest 90 Qih Aliapoh Overeducated icon1.png  Overeducated