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Lilja is a Viera found in The Bozjan Southern Front.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Picking Up the Trail Feature quest 80 Lilja

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Picking Up the Trail Feature quest 80 Lilja
Signature Acquired Feature quest 80 Mikoto
The Lady of Blades Feature quest 80 Bajsaljen

Additional Information


Lilja was once an orphan, taken into Garlean care and educated in order to turn her and her fellow children into Empire loyalists. Though most of her classmates simply repeated the words and remained loyal to Dalmasca, she was unable to do the same. While she did not approve of Garlean rule, she did not believe that the Dalmascan monarchy would improve the lives of her people either.

As she grew, she came to respect the IVth Imperial Legion over the Dalmascan military for not forcing conscription into their army. she heard the words of Noah van Gabranth as he addressed her people, saying that it is the responsibility of every man and woman to use their talents to forge their own way in life. Though she could not turn a blind eye to what the Empire did to the nations they subjugated, those words stuck with her through all of her doubts and confusions. She turned to her studies, and her academic achievements as an engineer earned her entry into the Magitek Academy, where she could learn to master machina like Cid nan Garlond.

Unfortunately, it was around this time that the Dalmascan resistance turned the city into a battlefield, forcing her to flee to Doma. She made a living for herself repairing machinery until she was invited to join the Garlond Ironworks by Jessie, who recognized her talents. It was with the Ironworks that she finally found solace and learned to simply be herself and accept things as they came. She recalled the words of Gabranth, and focused on putting her talents towards forging a path for herself.

Lilja aided the Bozjan Resistance, first by helping place the spectrometers in key locations so that they may route the aether and charge the Crystal Focus, then later on Zadnor, she helps extend the shield protecting the Blades of Gunnhildr from the cannonfire of the Empire's Airships. She also helped Cid devise a method to detonate the Ceruleum of the Dalriada. Though the mission had its complications and Lilja was injured, she still managed to detonate the Crystal Focus and ground the Dalriada, ensuring that the Warrior of Light and the Blades would be able to continue on to finish off the IVth Legion.