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Male ♂
Hrothgar (The Lost)
Gangos (6.5,5.8)
Quest NPC

Bajsaljen is a Hrothgar found in Gangos.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Lady of Blades Feature quest 80 Bajsaljen
Fit for a Queen Feature quest 80 Bajsaljen
Renewed Focus Feature quest 80 Bajsaljen
March of the Bloody Queen Feature quest 80 Bajsaljen

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Path to the Past Feature quest 80 Marsak
The Bozja Incident Feature quest 80 Ironworks Engineer
Where Eagles Nest Feature quest 80 Marsak
Signature Acquired Feature quest 80 Mikoto

Additional Information


Bajsaljen is the leader of the Bozjan Resistance, a group of Bozja natives who fight to rid their land of the tyranny of the Garlean Empire. he seeks to remake the ancient Gunnhildr's Blades, weapons once wielded by the Bozjans royal military against the Allagan Empire when they invaded their land five millennia ago, in the hopes that if wielded again, they might help liberate their homeland once again.

As a young man, Bajsaljen studied the medical arts, and his academic achievements saw him drafted into the Imperial Army where he served as a medic. Due to his position, he was afforded citizenship. This led to him marrying and eventually fathering a child. However, his happiness would be short-lived. While he was away on mission, the entirety of Bozja and all the people present in the city were eradicated in what is now known as the Bozja Incident.

Enraged and heartbroken, Bajsaljen defected from the Imperial Army, along with several members of his squadron. His underground activities against the Empire eventually brought him into contact with the Bozjan Resistance. His pure hatred drives him in his actions against the Empire, and his actions eventually brought him into a position of leadership in the Resistance. Even though he feels nothing but anger towards the Empire, he has learned to master his emotions, knowing that anger won't grant him and his people the freedom they desire.

In order to realize his endeavor to reforge the ancient Gunnhildr's Blades, Bajsaljen reaches out for aid from the Eorzean Alliance. He is introduced to Gerolt Blackthorne and Mikoto, and Hien Rijin introduces him to the Warrior of Light. Together, the group attempts to find a way to recreate the weapons and their inscriptions, as that is where the power of memories are stored, giving the Blades unrivaled command of the battlefield. In conversation of the old replicas that once hung in Citadel Bozja, Cid nan Garlond's name is brought up as he may have seen them, and they may be able to use the Crystal Focus to traverse his mind and find the inscriptions. Bajsaljen is hesitant to trust a Garlean, former or not, but invites Cid to his camp regardless.

After walking through Cid's memories, the Warrior of Light and Mikoto are able to describe the weapons and the runes carved on them to Gerolt, who sets out to forge the weapons anew. Bajsaljen thanks Cid for his service, and apologized for being so closed-minded about all Garleans, and vows to change. With the weapons reforged, Bajsaljen bequeaths them to several high-ranking and important members of the Resistance, christening them the new Blades of Gunnhildr. On the Bozjan Southern Front, Bajsaljen and the other Blades push the Empire back in several Skirmishes, driving them all the way back to Castrum Lacus Litore. With the resistance growing as it links up with more cells and takes more land back, he prepares for an attack on the Castrum itself.

In the battle of Castrum Lacus Litore, the Resistance breaks through the gate. Led by Bajsaljen, the fight furiously, clearing out the Castrum and freeing several prisoners. In the main hall of the Castrum, he did battle against Lyon and his pet Dawon. Laying the beast low, Lyon retreats. Believing they had taken back the fortress, they began to celebrate. Unfortunately, that is when Misija revealed herself. Having been acting for the Empire all along, she had taken Mikoto hostage along with the Crystal Focus. She wielded the ancient blade Save the Queen, and made use of the Warrior of Light's Echo to tamper with the Queen's latent memories held in the blade to make its power her own. She summoned Gunnhildr as a Primal and Tempered several members of the Blades. Bajsaljen, the Warrior of Light and a few others managed to escape, and fled back to their base.

Bajsaljen was at a loss with what to do next, and had all remaining members of the Resistance pull back to their base at Gangos. While tracking Misija's movements, the Warrior of Light and Mikoto witnessed her summon the Queen once again, using the Crystal Focus as a medium to do so. However, she was only able to enthrall one of the prisoners she took. Forcing Voran to kill his other comrades, she left after being chided by Lyon. Noticing the two observing what happened, he mused out loud that she was scheming something but that he had been forbidden from getting involved. With that, he wandered off.

At this time, the Warrior of Light and Mikoto had a vision of the remaining Blades ambushing Misija outside the door to some ruins and her unable to call Gunnhildr, as the Crystal Focus had run out of power. they returned to camp and relayed this to Bajsaljen, who immediately prepared for an attack. Things played out exactly as the two had forseen, and the Blades engaged the Imperials in battle. After a grueling fight, the Imperials managed to open the door for them to flee through. As the Blades are surrounded by Prototype Gabriel weapons, Rostik appears and holds back the weapons, so the Blades may pursue Misija into the Delubrum Reginae.

Within the Delubrum Reginae, Bajsaljen and the other Blades were forced to put down the terrifying amalgamations of their former comrades, taking solace only in knowing they had been granted peace. At the back of the ruin they cornered Misija, who had used the crystal found there to reinvigorate the blade with the Queen's memories and power, and used her body as a catalyst to summon Gunnhildr into herself. After a brutal battle Misija was defeated and unable to use the power of the Queen any further. She was taken in to captivity and Bajsaljen ordered everyone to return to Gangos after turning the Save the Queen over to Mikoto for study. He reflected on what had driven Misija to side with the Empire, and how the people of Bozja were not entirely innocent, given the way they had treated her, and thus driven her to the Empire.

After the Imperials abandoned the Southern Front, Bajsaljen used the Resistance's intelligence network to locate the last remaining installation of the IVth Imperial Legion at Zadnor. Unfortunately, they had called in their most powerful war Airship, the Dalriada, and had been bombarding their base of operations with cannonfire. Thankfully, with the aid of Cid, they were able to erect a barrier using the latent earth-aspected aether that prevented any ships from blowing them away. Bajsaljen tasked the Warrior of Light with planting several beacons around Zadnor to direct the aether and extend the shield.

During this time, Bajsaljen learned that the reason the Imperials had fled to Zadnor was due to some uncovered Allagan ruins, where they had unearthed a "monsterous" weapon of some kind. Knowing that they intended to use it against them, Bajsaljen planned to create a diversionary assault on the Imperials while Cid and the others overloaded a Crystal Focus, causing it to destabilize and detonate the Ceruleum in the Dalriada, so they may launch an assault on the vessel.

When the plan came into motion, things did not go as planned. the Empire managed to get the Allagan weapon online and functional, and fired at Cid's ship, narrowly missing it and damaging the D.A.M, the device used to track the flow of aether. Bajsaljen and his men were forced to fight against Lyon and his Imperial soldiers while Cid relocated where they needed to be to override the Ceruleum. at the last moment it worked, and the Dalriada was grounded.

Back at their base, Bajsaljen and the Blades made the final plan to attack the Dalriada directly to drive the Empire out of Bozja once and for all. Together they attacked the vessel, fighting through the remnants of the IVth Legion, until they reached the control deck of the ship. They fought against Lyon and Menenius sas Lanatus. After their defeat, Menenius attempts to detonate the ship, taking them all out in the process. At that moment, The Diablo Armament awakens and breaks free from its bonds, and begins destroying the ship. Bajsaljen leads his men into battle against it and, alongside the Warrior of Light, defeats it. However, after they retreat from the ship, they witness the Diablo Armament bursting from the vessel, preparing to blow them and all of Zadnor away. In that moment, Misija appears with the Save the Queen, channels Gunnhildr into herself, and destroys the Armament before falling from the sky to the ground.

As she lay dying, Bajsaljen attempts to get her up, saying that he promised her she would see Bozja rebuilt with her own eyes. She said that she had not sacrificed herself for him, but only in service to the Queen and Bozja. She asks him to put her out of her misery, which he does.

Back on Gangos, the Blades are celebrating the end of the war, and Bajsaljen is hard at work rebuilding Bozja and its constitution. With the war over, he foresaw members of the resistance breaking off and pursuing their own means, so he therefore sought to create a council that will aid in the facilitation of all matters, but he has trepidation about whether they will accept his writings without challenge, as he has chosen to base many of them on the principles of the IVth Legion. When questioned on this, he explained that when the Empire took over Bozja, many saw their way as preferable to another, and those people's opinion must be taken into consideration and understood if they were to truly make Bozja a better place. He did not seek to discard everything good that came from the occupation, just because it came from the Garlean Empire. He now works hard to rebuild the nation, and keep it free from discrimination and poverty.