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A Sign of What's to Come

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A Sign of What's to Come

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Quest giver
Gangos (X:6.4, Y:5.7)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Lady of Blades
Next quest
Feature QuestFit for a Queen

The look in Marsak's eyes tell you the fight for Bozja is far from over.

— In-game description




  • The look in Marsak's eyes tell you the fight for Bozja is far from over.
  • Operation Eagle's Nest has failed, and the IVth Imperial Legion once again has the Resistance on the back foot. Bajsaljen is not one to be discouraged, however, and has already begun considering counter-strategies. Believing your counsel essential, he has requested an audience with you.
  • A report from Bwagi reveals the imperial legion's strength is not what it seems. In fact, they are now starved for resources, which has prompted allied forces from Dalmasca and Nagxia to launch an assault and thus slow the arrival of reinforcements to Bozja. The meeting is soon interrupted when a fatigued soldier enters, warning of yet another sighting of Queen Gunnhildr. For reasons as yet unknown, this prompts Mikoto to run off, likely to the southern front.
  • What Mikoto expects to find on the battlefield remains to be seen, but the others bid you go and find her, fearful she may discover more than she hopes for.
  • You find Mikoto unharmed, spying on Misija and a group of imperials. Once again, the vision of Queen Gunnhildr appears, though her power is noticeably diminished from your previous encounter. As you turn to leave, Mikoto's gift of the Echo offers an insight into the future─she sees the Resistance cornering Misija, who is unable to wield the power of Save the Queen. Mikoto would waste no time in relaying this news to the Resistance.
  • Mikoto is convinced the apparition Misija has used to drive back Resistance forces is born of the memories of the late Queen Gunnhildr. She goes on to explain the fabled blade Save the Queen was likely designed to function in a similar fashion to the auracite you encountered in Rabanastre. Assuming this is true, Misija's plans cannot come to fruition without a substantial cache of crystals, meaning there may yet be time for the Resistance to strike back.