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Patch 5.3

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Patch 5.3
"Reflections in Crystal"
Release Date
5.3 - 11 August 2020
5.31 - 7 September 2020
5.35 - 12 October 2020
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5.3, 5.31, 5.35
Patch 5.2
Patch 5.4
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Patch 5.3: Reflections in Crystal is the third major content update introduced for Shadowbringers.

The release of this major patch was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notable Features, Additions, and Changes

New Content

System Changes and Additions

  • Crafting Collectables Collectable overhauled:
    • Collectable synthesis icon1.png  Collectable Synthesis removed.
    • Collectable items are now totally separate from non-collectable items. All crafted collectables for Rowena are now prefixed Rarefied. The new recipes are in a separate place in the Crafting Log.
    • Rorwena's collectable lists are now static and do not rotate.
  • Trial Synthesis - Allows the player to do a "dry run" of crafting an item without actually crafting it or consuming materials.
  • A Realm Reborn main story quest pruning and overhaul
    • As part of this pruning, all Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Poetics gear now comes augmented, and pre-Shadowbringers augment items and tokens have been retired to reduce inventory bloat.
  • New Game+: A Realm Reborn and Seventh Astral Era main story campaign, and Class Quests
  • Mounts can now fly in A Realm Reborn zones after players complete Main Scenario QuestThe Ultimate Weapon.
  • Housing: Wards 22-24 added to all residential districts. (5.35)


  • Sundry Splendors: Easy-to-find vendors located in major cities, exchanging tomestones and scrips for rewards
  • Orchestrion: Search function added
  • Watching the intro video to an expansion from the title screen will change the title screen to that expansion.
  • Heavensward expansion as baseline added to all accounts
  • Free trial: Heavensward expansion added, level cap increased to 60, full access to the entire Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead, through level 200

Note: Not all content listed here will launch on the same day. This article is about the 5.3x season as a whole.

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