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Fit for a Queen

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Fit for a Queen

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Quest giver
Gangos (X:6.5, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Sign of What's to Come
Next quest
Repeatable Feature QuestOne Man's Relic
Feature QuestLet Me Holster That for You
Feature QuestIn the Queen's Image
Feature QuestA New Playing Field
Feature QuestA Seaside Story

Bajsaljen would waste no time in dealing with Misija.

— In-game description







  • Bajsaljen would waste no time in dealing with Misija.
  • Mikoto is convinced that Misija has exhausted the power of Save the Queen, and her vision of the near future suggests both Misija and Save the Queen can be taken into custody without bloodshed. Marsak readies their soldiers and sets out for ruins on the eastern edge of the southern front in the hopes of catching Misija unawares.
  • Events play out exactly as Mikoto foresaw. The Resistance manages to corner Misija who is unable to summon Queen Gunnhildr to battle. What Mikoto failed to see, however, is that this was all according to Misija's plan, for she too can now peer into the future. Imperial enforcements soon arrive, and a terrible battle ensues there in the ruins.
  • No sooner do you bring low Misija's imperial soldiers than more arrive to take their place. But your battle was only meant to stall for time, as they manage to open a door leading deeper into the ruins, prompting Misija and Gunnhildr's Blades to escape into the shadows. You follow her into the heart of Delubrum Reginae, where you hope to put an end to her schemes and retrieve Save the Queen.
  • Deep within the heart of the ruins, Misija at last finds what she was searching for─a massive crystal rife with the aether needed to summon the full might of Save the Queen. Yet for all its power, the ancient blade proves no match for you. With the day won at last, you take the now-dormant Bozjan relic and an unconscious Misija back to Gangos.
  • Misija has been placed in solitary confinement awaiting trial, and Bajsaljen believes it best if Save the Queen remain in Mikoto's care for the time being. But there will be no reprieve to study its inner workings, for an imperial warship can be seen approaching in the distance. Bajsaljen orders everyone to withdraw to Gangos and prepare to make a stand.
  • When the Resistance next steps onto the battlefield, they will be joined by their allies from the Far East. Considering all that is at stake, there is no question that your strength will be needed when that day comes.