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Noah van Gabranth

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Noah van Gabranth

Noah van Gabranth.png

Male ♂
Legatus of the IVth Legion
Arnsbeirgs, Landis
Garlean Empire

Noah van Gabranth is a Hyur.

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Additional Information

Noah van Gabranth serves as the Legatus of the IVth Legion, and is the primary antagonist of the Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr questline. As Legatus of the IVth Legion, Gabranth rules the entirety of Bozja and Dalmasca. Under his command, the IVth Legion has become the only legion to have more foreigners than pureblood Garleans. Noah took command of the IVth Legion 28 years ago, after his father Basch van Gabranth succumbed to a deadly, chronic illness which Noah suffers from as well. Gabranth has used his influence as a Legatus to attempt to find a cure for his illness.

One of Noah's main goals is to create a new, free nation based on rewarding personal excellence over one's race or affiliation. With the assassination of Varis yae Galvus at the hand of Zenos yae Galvus, this gave Noah the opportunity to put his plan in motion.