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Female ♀
Au Ra (Raen)
The Prima Vista Tiring Room (5.8,6.1)
Students of Baldesion
Quest NPC

"The resultant neuro-harmonic disturbance allows for a highly unique emittance of CPRS waves that, instead of radiating outward with a determinate factor of dispersal, instead resonate inward at a frequency so labored, my estimates place of VRT decay at upwards of several centuries..."

Recognized for her extensive achievements in the field of modern aetherology—achievements that include working with deceased Archon Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn to develop an aetheric siphon—Mikoto was indoctrinated into the Students of Baldesion at the age of but nine and twenty summers, making her the youngest Au Ra of the Raen clan in recent history to receive the prestigious title of Archon. It was through Garlond Ironworks Jessie Jaye that the junior instructor at the Studium came to know Cid, and was asked by the head engineer to assist his companions in their study of auracite. An unfortunate side effect of her upbringing amongst the scholars of Old Sharlayan, Mikoto is plagued by unfortunate inability to speak at the level of her audience, a tendency that serves only to sow confusion.

— In-game description

Mikoto is an Au Ra found in The ''Prima Vista'' Tiring Room.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Time to Focus Feature quest 80 Mikoto
Third Time's the Charm Feature quest 80 Mikoto
Signature Acquired Feature quest 80 Mikoto
Resolve Unshaken Feature quest 80 Mikoto
Reaching Out Feature quest 80 Mikoto

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The City of Lost Angels Feature quest 70 Jenomis cen Lexentale

Additional Information


Mikoto is a young girl blessed with the power of the Echo. She entered the Studium at a very young age alongside her twin sister Kagura Mikoto, though they didn't often see eye to eye and didn't spend much time together. Kagura would end up receiving the mark of the Archon before her sister, but would soon be stripped of her rank for criticizing the policies of The Forum, and would leave soon after, and not contact her sister again.

Feeling as though she had abandoned her sister in a time of need, Mikoto despaired over what happened. This would not go unnoticed by her fellow classmate Moenbryda. The two would soon become fast friends, and opened Mikoto's eyes to interest in things beyond Sharlayan. She would graduate with the mark of the Archon in the field of Aetherology, but would stay in Sharlayan for a time. After Moenbryda passed away, Mikoto resolved to no longer hide away and sought new experiences, living her life as fully as possible.

Mikoto would eventually encounter the Warrior of Light aboard the Prima Vista, brought in by Cid nan Garlond for her expertise on Aether to help investigate the White Auracite. She explained that the Auracite holds not only aether, but also memories, emotions, etc., what would later come to be known as Dynamis. She concluded that the auracite was in fact man-made long ago.

When the Bangaa approach the crew and explain that their leader, Ba'Gamnan has been acting strangely since claiming a piece of Auracite. Mikoto reasoned that because of the guilt he felt over the death of Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca was fed into the Auracite and it ended up transforming him with its latent power. While the crew tried to determine where Ba'Gamnan could have gone, Jenomis cen Lexentale translated another part of the journal from Dalmascan, the word Ridorana. Mikoto mentioned the location known as the Ridorana Cataract, where many believe the entrance to the Hell of Water is. She, along with the Warrior of Light, explored the depths of the chasm.

After clearing the Ridorana Lighthouse and laying Ba'Gamnan's twisted form to rest, they study the necklace that knocked Ramza bas Lexentale unconscious. Mikoto identifies it to be the same crystal the Auracite was cut from. At the same time, Ramza comes to, and explains that Ramza Beoulve had been the owner of the necklace and it held his essence, instilling the current Ramza with a desire to have people return to his homeland and discover the truth about its founding.

Later, when Ultima, The High Seraph was discovered, Mikoto said the spell used by Lahabrea could have been based on the Seraph's magic. She states that it shouldn't be possible for anyone else to cast the spell, but may have been possible if taught or bestowed by a being from another world. She suggested separating Alma bas Lexentale from the auracite, but the discussion quickly turned into an argument, which by the end it was revealed that she was being possessed by Ultima herself. Alma is pulled through a portal, and Mikoto gives a small tool to the Warrior of Light, a staff with auracite attached, telling them it could separate Ultima from Alma.

Mikoto was initially upset that she wasn't able to stop Ultima, but she was comforted by the others, saying that they can use it to stop her now. When the Warrior of Light sees into the past via the Echo, Mikoto concluded that Orran Durrai had changed the history of Ivalice.

Once the threat of Ultima was removed, Mikoto tells the others that she intended to take what she had learned during this ordeal and share it with the Sharlayans, so they may record and study the information.

Mikoto was later called upon by the Bozjan Resistance to help them understand how the ancient Bozjans used their tortured memories and the inherent aether therein, and impart these into crystals which they used to empower their weapons. She worked with the Resistance and Gerolt, but soon hit a wall in her research and calls upon the Warrior of Light again to help her delve into memories using their Echo, as she is less skilled with hers and it usually only ever shows her a few seconds of the future. Together, they manage to master using one of the crystals to see Gerolt's memories, and Bajsaljen suggested that they find a memory of the engravings on the weapons. The topic of the replicas at the Bozja Citadel came up, as did the name Cid Garlond. They sought him out and he agreed to let Mikoto and the Warrior of Light probe his memories.

The pair, alongside Cid, travel back through his memories, fighting through repression and enemies hidden away in his subconscious. They eventually learn of Cid's father's fate, and find the inscriptions on the weapons.

When they return from Cid's memories, they hand off the inscriptions to Gerolt, and find that the crystal has been completely depleted and no longer responds to aether. After telling Cid that he can confide in her with anything, and he misinterprets what she's saying as offering to help with aether, she sets to work finding a method to recharge the crystal.

Mikoto determines that the crystal can indeed be recharged, but would require an abundance of aether. She surmises that the battlefield of the Bozjan Southern Front would be flooded with ambient aether. Garlond Ironworks joined them on the field, and had the Warrior of Light aided by Misija place several trackers around the battlefield to locate a suitable current to charge the crystal.

once the task was completed, Mikoto joined Misija and placed the crystal and a device to gather the aether onto one of the conduits, but the pair were ambushed by Garlean soldiers. The Warrior of Light managed to reach them just in time to help fend off the attackers, and Mikoto thanked them for their help. Once the crystal was finished charging, Misija took both the crystal and Mikoto hostage, threatening her life should the Warrior of Light not stand down. Having revealed herself a traitor, she kidnaps Mikoto and leaves, saying she Still has use for her yet and disappears.

At the Garlean Castrum, Misija reveals that she is a double agent working for the Garlean Empire and intends to use Mikoto's Echo to turn herself into a Resonant so she can channel the Aether within the crystal. Using the Resonatorium, she does just that.

Following the rescue mission at Castrum Lacus Litore, Misija held Mikoto hostage, and demanded the Warrior of Light use their Echo on the crystal and view the memories of the ancient weapon Save the Queen. Doing so, Misija was able to alter the memories of the Queen and enrage her over her people's decision to murder her. Using this, Misija calls on the Queen as a Primal and Tempers the Gunnhildr's Blades. Mikoto, the Warrior of Light, and the leaders of the Resistance Bajsaljen and Marsak manage to escape, although Mikoto suffered an attack when she tried to retrieve the crystal.

Following their escape, Mikoto and the Warrior of Light learned that Misija was using the crystal to call upon Queen Gunnhildr to enthrall more and more members of the Resistance, but the crystal was running out of power faster and faster. Reporting back, Mikoto explains that the crystal functions similarly to the way the auracite did that was used by the Lucavi. Using this knowledge, The Resistance planned to capture both Misija and the Save the Queen blade.

Mikoto and the Warrior of Light cornered Misija near the ruins of the Delubrum Reginae and chased her inside. After battling through the various monsters and traps within, Mikoto, the Warrior of Light and the Bozjan Resistance finally cornered Misija, who used her body to summon the Queen. After a brutal battle, they managed to subdue her, and took her into custody. It was at this time that the Resistance learned that the Empire was approaching for a final attack at the Southern Front. A battle ensued, and the Garleans were pushed back to Zadnor. Mikoto sees the future through her Echo, and saw herself plummetting from an Airship, but did not speak up about this.

On the battlefield of Zadnor, Mikoto and the Warrior of Light used the same devices to direct aether to their camp to power a shield that protected the Resistance from raining bombs and missile strikes from the Empire. As they push forward towards the warship, the Dalriada, both the Warrior of Light and Mikoto see the vision once again, this time with the revealed information that Mikoto would fall protecting Cid. She compelled the Warrior not to talk about what they saw, as it may not even come to pass.

The Resistance formulated a plan to disable the Dalriada and make a final push to take out the Empire. Cid used an EMP to ignite the fuel lines of the ship, causing it to make an emergency landing, and Mikoto's vision to come true, though she is rescued in the last moment by Fran, when the Dalmascan Resistance appears. Despite this, she still sustained injuries and was taken back to camp to be treated.

With the airship grounded, the Resistances attacked, taking out the remnants of the IVth Imperial Legion, as well as an ancient Allagan weapon, known as The Diablo Armament. Following the final destruction of the Allagan weapon and the IVth Legion, Mikoto and the Warrior of Light go to see the place where the Save the Queen was kept. Unable to sense anything within the blade, they both conclude the Queen's aether is finally depleted and she has been laid to rest.