How Low Can You Go

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How Low Can You Go

How Low Can You Go Image.png
Quest giver
789th Order Pickman Gi Gu
Outer La Noscea (X:21, Y:18)
Quest line
Kobold Beast Tribe
789th Order

Required items
1  Worthless Ore
Experience 11,150
Gil 691
Previous quest
Highway Robbery
Next quest
No-good Zo Ga's Ambition

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu looks your way with pleading eyes.

— In-game description




  • Wait just out of sight.


  • Gi Gu shares with you the sad tale of the 789th Order -- unable to meet the demanding quotas imposed upon them by their betters, they have been exiled from the tunnels and forced to eke out a meager existance on the fringes of kobold society. While the only route to redemption is to improve their mining output, this is easier said than done, for the ore veins in their new home are as good as barren. Answer Gi Gu's sad plea by traveling to the Kobold Dig and retrieving the dregs cast aside by his more accomplished peers, that the 789th might salvage even a scrap of dignity.
  • You retrieved a few misshapen chunks of low-grade ore -- not much to look at, but still a fair sight more than the Gi Gu and his men have been able to muster for quite some time. Deliver your haul to Gi Gu, that he might have some chance of appeasing his superiors at his forthcoming evaluation.
  • Gi Gu welcomes your contributions, and begs you to keep him company until the conclusion of his evaluation that he might be spared the wrath of Zo Ga -- a particularly intimidating superior who has little patience for the underperforming 789th. Stand off and observe the inner workings of kobold society from the shadows.
  • 13th Order Fugleman Zo Ga haughtily dismisses not merely the mining efforts of the 789th Order, but their very right to exist. It would seem that Zo Ga's ideal vision of kobold society takes the concept of survival to the fittest to rather unforgiving extremes. Speak with the visibly shaken Gi Gu and offer what comfort you can.
  • Your heart-to-heart with Gi Gu was interrupted by Lieutenant Skaetswys, herself having just returning from Camp Overlook. Appalled at the pickman's utter lack of pride and dignity, she has sworn to lend her strength to the 789th, that they might stand up to their oppressors. Speak once more with Gi Gu and see how he feels about the offer.
  • Equally as afraid of Skaetswys as he is of Zo Ga, the faltering Gi Gu would ask you to remain close by and lend your services to the 789th Order. The pickman, for his part, seems quite content to shrink in the shadows while others do the dirty work, but mayhap your efforts on the dig's behalf will embolden him yet...

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