Wrath of the Roundsman

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Wrath of the Roundsman

Quest giver
789th Order Dustman Bo Bu
Outer La Noscea (X:21.7, Y:17.9)
Quest line
Kobold Daily

Required quest
The Kobold and the Beautiful
Required items
1 Titan electrumshield icon1.png  Titan Electrumshield
Friendly Relations
Experience 5,130
Gil 780

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu is looking to win friends and influence kobolds.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • The ever-ambitious Bo Bu would take a page from the book of Zo Ga and use wealth to amass an army of followers, yet finds himself a bit short on coin. Rectify this by delivering a punishing to one of the fugleman's loyal minions -- a savage roundsman of the 59th Order -- and relieving him of the recompense afforded him by his master.
  • You deliver the Titan electrumshield to Bo Bu, doubtless increasing his wealth by several thousandfold in the process. Though it will take time for the young dustman to accumulate the fortune he seeks, you and he can nevertheless take heart that the 789th has triumphed over their nemesis today...


789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: In numbers there is strength -- power, puissance, strength. Zo Ga knows this well, surrounds himself with those at his beck and call -- those of strong body and weak mind.

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: Bo Bu knows one of these, yes. One of these is roundsman of the 59th. A nasty roundsman, he is. All who speak his name have their tongues plucked out. Now, no kobold speaks his name -- no, not a one.

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: But Zo Ga handles this brute. Yes, yes, as Zo Ga handles everything, with riches -- treasure, wealth, riches.

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: Bo Bu watches, and gets a notion -- an idea, a thought, a notion. You beat back roundsman, take coin from his pocket, yes?

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: Bo Bu takes coin, finds nasty, greedy roundsman of his own. Coin lures power, power lures more power, and soon Bo Bu stands atop the mountain! Yes, yes, Bo Bu fulfills his destiny -- his fate, his fortune, his destiny!

Finishing the Quest

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: The roundsman makes his rounds no more? You bring coin as proof of your triumph, yes?

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: The roundsman is driven back to his dig -- beaten, battered, driven -- and Bo Bu is a rich kobold? All is right, all is right on the mountain.

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu: Yes, yes, this single coin marks the first step of Bo Bu's rise to power. Worry not, adventurer, for Bo Bu will not forget -- no, no, never forget your humble contribution.