No-good Zo Ga's Ambition

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No-good Zo Ga's Ambition

No-good Zo Ga's Ambition Image.png
Quest giver
789th Order Pickman Gi Gu
Outer La Noscea (X:21, Y:18)
Quest line
Kobold Beast Tribe
789th Order
Required items
1 Smart Bombs Icon.png  Smart Bombs
Neutral Reputation maxed
Experience 5,830
Gil 729
Previous quest
How Low Can You Go
Next quest
The Kobold and the Beautiful

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu is not through imposing on your generosity.

— In-game description




  • Keep watch at the specified location and dispatch 13th Order kobolds.


  • Your efforts on behalf of the hapless 789th Order have endeared you to its leader, Gi Gu, who would repay this kindness the only way he knows how -- by delegating additional tasks to you. His latest imposition, however, is interrupted by Skaetswys, who urgently requests your support in driving off a particularly vicious horde of kobolds that have set upon Camp Overlook with a particularly potent new weapon at their disposal.
  • You arrive at Camp Overlook to find the kobold attack has been repelled, but at great cost. Unless the kobolds' new weapon is dealt with, the brave men and women of the Maelstrom have slim hope of surviving the next attack. At Skaetswys's behest, return to the 789th Order and inquire with Gi Gu as to the best course of action.
  • The unreliable Gi Gu suspects that the kobolds who attacked Camp Overlook were none other than the 13th Order, and their fearsome firepower is the product of Zo Ga's dastardly new weapon. Ever quick to delegate responsibility, he sends you in search of an acolyte of the 789th Order, one Ba Go.
  • The eccentric Ba Go, a former associate of Zo Ga's who was relieved of his position, is eager -- perhaps a bit too eager -- to create mass mayhem by blowing the top off the 13th Order's new furnace. Locate the entrance to their workshop north of Iron Lake, and seek passage from the alchemist Ga Zi.
  • With the help of a reluctant Ga Zi, you have successfully infiltrated the alchemical workshop of the 13th Order. Rendezvous with Ba Go before the prototype furnace.
  • Ba Go requires additional time to prepare for the sabotage of the furnace, but fears being caught in the act by Zo Ga's lackeys. Stand watch by the entrance and see to any foes who would interrupt the sabotage operation.
  • You have dispatched the ill-fated kobolds who wandered into the workshop. Return to Ba Go and assure him that there is no fear of being interrupted.
  • Ba Go entrusts to you some of his so-called beauties, seemingly intelligent bombs designed for the express purpose of rendering a furnace unusable. Pop the top and toss them in, then stand back and enjoy the fireworks.
  • The sparks and smoke exuded by the furnace suggest that it is no longer functioning in any real capacity. It would appear that your work here is done. Make for the exit and speak once more with the gleeful Ba Go.
  • Eager to return to his research, Ba Go dashes hastily back to the 789th Order Dig. Follow suit and deliver word of your success to Gi Gu.
  • No sooner did you share the news of your triumph than did a comely young kobold by the name of Bi Bi arrive to express her displeasure at Gi Gu's actions, fearing for his safety. Eager to defer to the wishes of his apparent love, yet fearing Skaetswys's wrath if he backs down, Gi Gu succeeds only in underwhelming all present with his utter lack of anything resembling decisive leadership. It would appear the pusillanimous pickman will be dependant on your aid for the foreseeable future...


Accepting the Quest

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Oh, adventurer, do honor me with your company for a moment. Yes, yes, let us speak for a while. You have been an absolute godssend to our order -- a savior, a saint, a godssend!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Our barrows have been overflowing with ore since you arrived. Yes, yes, full to the brim. At this pace, a moon from now, you may be speaking to -- dare I dream? -- 788th Order Pickman Gi Gu!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: We shall be the butt of kobold society no more -- no, no, never again! Keep up the diligent work, adventurer!

Skaetswys: Can a kobold get any more pathetic!? Maybe if ye got off yer arse and 'elped [Player] for once, ye could dream a little bigger!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: B-But, surely you know the old kobold saying? Yes, yes, slow and steady--

Skaetswys: Bah, enough of yer blatherin'! [Player] -- ye must come with me, and quickly

Skaetswys: Why, ye say!? I'll tell ye why -- Camp Overlook is under attack by the nastiest 'orde o' kobolds I've ever laid eyes on!

Skaetswys: And that's not the least of it. Word 'as it they've got some newfangled weapon that's got Commander Bloeidin and 'is men tearin' their beards out.

Skaetswys: I'm off to join the defense. We can count on ye as well, aye, [Player]?

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: A kobold attack? How terrifying -- frightful, horrifying, terrifying! What is it that angers them so? Yes, yes, I wonder...

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Lucky we are that you are attacked, and not us. Yes, yes, we are fortunate indeed. Well, ah...good luck up there, adventurer!

At Camp Overlook

Wounded Red Swallow: S-Such strength! If this is the new face of our foe, we're as good as done for...

Wounded Storm Sergeant: I'm no new recruit -- aye, I've seen me share o' bombs in me days. Nothing in me worst nightmares could 'ave prepared me for what we faced...

Wounded Storm Private: Me ears! The blast was so deafenin' I fear I'll never again hear the sound o' the sea...

Talking to Skaetswys

Skaetswys: There ye are, [Player]! We drove the buggers off, but I fear the damage 'ad already been done...

Skaetswys: Saw the kobolds' new weapon with me own eyes, I did. A right vicious breed o' bomb that could blow a good-sized vessel out o' the water.

Skaetswys: The sheer 'ate in the beastmen's eyes got me to wonderin' -- do ye reckon this is somehow our fault, [Player]?

Skaetswys: No sooner do we start lendin' our strength to Gi Gu and 'is sorry lot than Camp Overlook suffers its worst kobold assault in years.

Skaetswys: Aye, call it me mariner's intuition, but I'd wager a pirate's booty that Zo Ga is at the 'elm of all this.

Skaetswys: I must remain behind and tend to me comrades. I ask of ye, [Player] -- return to Gi Gu and see if me suspicions are true.

Skaetswys: Camp Overlook can't bear to suffer another attack like the last. [Player], get yerself back to Gi Gu and see what that sorry excuse for a kobold knows about this new breed o' bomb.

Returning to Gi Gu

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Great losses, your camp suffered? This is a pity -- a shame, a crime, a pity. Good thing it was not us. Yes, yes, we are lucky indeed.

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: A secret new weapon? Such rumors have come our way before. Yes, yes, one of our acolytes overheard Zo Ga speaking of just such a thing.

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: You should seek him out. Yes, yes, you must speak to Ba Go. But I warn you, he is an odd one -- curious, eccentric, odd...

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Worry not that Ba Go has been relegated to this forsaken order; his alchemical prowess knows few equals. Once he was a favorite of Zo Ga. Yes, yes, his prized researcher. But then he became a bit too attached to his work...

Approaching Ba Go

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ba Go has been awaiting you -- expecting, anticipating, awaiting. Zo Ga's furnace is firing, and you seek Ba Go's aid? Yesss, yesss, you do!

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Zo Ga's furnace spits out bombs of prodigious power. Brilliant bombs -- breathtaking, beautiful, brilliant! And Ba Go is an old friend of Zo Ga. Yes, yes, old friends, we are...

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: But Ba Go will help you. Yes, yes, he will. Why? Because Ba Go enjoys nothing more than watching things go kaboom -- kablam, kapow, kaboom! Hahaha! Heeheahhahaha!

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ba Go knows the way to the 13th Order's workshop deep in the bowels of U'Ghamaro. Yes, yes, Ba Go knows of a hidden passage -- secret, secluded, hidden.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: The passage is guarded closely -- guarded night and day. Yet Ba Go has friends in high places. Yes, yes, he does.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ba Go will gather his lovelies -- his beauties, his dears, his lovelies. You will go ahead, to northern Iron Lake, and seek out one Ga Zi. Yes, yes, you will.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: My lovelies -- my beauties, my dears, my lovelies -- it is time to come out and play. Yes, yes, the time for madness and mayhem is nigh! Haha! Heeaheaheahaha!

Talking to Ga Zi

13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi: Shush! Last time someone woke Zo Ga from his beauty rest, he had the offender mine an entire ore vein with his fingernails. Yunz wouldn't want that to happen, nuh-uh, nuh-uh.

13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi: Ba Go told me to expect yunzes. Zo Ga's workshop is on the other side of this exhaust pipe. Yunz'll go quickly and quietly -- silently, soundlessly, quietly, that sort of thing -- and tell no one that I's opened the door, yunz listening?

Inside the Workshop

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ba Go has come, and his lovelies with him. Yes, yes, we have arrived. And yet... what is this? Ba Go hears Zo Ga's lackeys scurrying about.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go': Ba Go's lovelies are trembling in fear -- shivering, shaking, trembling. This will not do -- no, no, it will not. You must see to Zo Ga's men before we have our fun. Yes, yes, you must...

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: What a shiny furnace -- smooth, shimmery, shiny! And what booming, beautiful bombs it must make. Yes, yes, a great invention indeed...

After Taking Care of Zo Ga's Men

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Are you ready, my lovelies? Yes, yes, you are... Take them, and gently place them in the furnace -- sweetly, tenderly, gently. Then stand back quickly. Yes, yes, with haste.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Take my lovelies, and gently place them in the furnace -- sweetly, tenderly, gently. Then stand back quickly. Yes, yes, with haste.

Destroying the Furnace

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ahhh, nothing like the smell of a burnt-out furnace in the morning! Or was it the evening? Does it even matter? No, no, it does not.

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: Ba Go cannot bear to be parted from his lovelies any longer. His heart weeps -- cries, sobs, weeps. Yes, yes, we must leave as we came.

At the Exit

789th Order Acolyte Ba Go: This is the way to the surface. Ba Go will return to his lovelies. Yes, yes, he will.

Finishing the Quest

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Are my ears to be believed, adventurer? Zo Ga's furnace sputters -- fizzles, smokes, sputters. This is your and Ba Go's doing? Yes, yes, it is!

Skaetswys: Brilliant work, [Player]! With their source of ammunition knocked out o' commission, I reckon the 13th Order won't be comin' back to wreak 'avoc on Camp Overlook any time soon.

Skaetswys: But we've only begun to fight! Aye, we'll not rest until Zo Ga and 'is lickspittles 'ave been driven from U'Ghamaro entirely. Who's with me!?

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: Gi Gu! Have you gone mad -- barmy, balmy, mad!?

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: B-Bi Bi! What a lovely surprise -- a pleasure, a delight, a surprise!

Skaetswys: Hm? Who's this now?

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Oh, my beloved Bi Bi! How I have longed -- yearned, pined, longed -- to look upon your delicate whiskers, your dainty paws...

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: Gi Gu! You and your friends sabotaged Zo Ga's prized furnace, yes? You cannot fool me. No, no, I can see it in your eyes!

Skaetswys: Aye, the girl's a sharp one...

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: Zo Ga is on a rampage -- a fury, a frenzy, a rampage! He says he'll find the culprit, and toss him into a vat of acid. He will kill you, Zo Ga -- yes, yes, he will!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: <gulp> But I'm too young to die! Yes, yes, I am!

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: Then you must abandon this madness and flee this place -- run, take flight, flee!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Y-Yes, yes, I think I will. It was nice knowing you all. Good-bye, good luck, farewell--

Skaetswys: Gah! Are ye out o' yer bloody mind!? Ye've come this far, and yer just goin' to leave yer comrades behind? Take one cowardly step, and I'll skewer ye where ye stand!

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Y-Yes, of c-course! I-I will stand and do battle -- clash, brawl, battle!

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: <sigh> You have not changed one bit, Gi Gu. No, no, you are as weak and wishy-washy as ever. Can you not make up your own mind?

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: You are right, Bi Bi. Yes, yes, you are! I will fight, and then run -- no, no, run and then fight...?

175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi: I've seen enough of this. Yes, yes, I am through with you. Do what you want, and do it alone -- abandoned, unaccompanied, alone.

789th Order Pickman Gi Gu: Wait, Bi Bi! No, no, you must not go! <sigh> Oh dear, I'm in trouble now...