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The Spectacle of Inspection

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The Spectacle of Inspection

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Quest giver
Radz-at-Han (X:11.9, Y:11.1)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Gil 1,518
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Imperfect Gentleman
Next quest
Feature QuestGenerational Bonding

Delion is ready to embark on another crusade for the Truth.

— In-game description





  • Delion is ready to embark on another crusade for the Truth.
  • Inspector's Log:
The Case of the Silent Correspondent continues! After a traditionally dynamic reunion with Father, and the disintegration of my remaining dashing clones, I, Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville, have returned from the moon to embark on a search for Master PuPu's uncommunicative comrade. With stout heart and stalwart associates, there is not a mote of doubt in my Mandervillian mind that we shall be successful in this endeavor.
            * * *
Both pleased by and suspicious of your timely arrival, Delion reiterates his desire to expose PuPu's presumably well-disguised plans for invasion. Inspector Hildibrand's keen inspector's sense has, it seems, led him to Palaka's Stand, which gives Delion─and you─the perfect chance to continue tracking the little blue man's movements.
  • Regrettably, instinct alone has failed to provide a more precise location for PuPu's missing friend. Thus does the inspector summarily recruit you to question the locals of Palaka's Stand regarding recent sightings of unusual─and hopefully alien─nature.
  • The inhabitants of Palaka's Stand gladly share with you their encounters of the unsettling kind, and all signs point to a possible alien presence in the west of the jungle. Inspector Hildibrand will surely welcome this supplementary guidance.
  • A comparison of eyewitness accounts reveals sightings across the entire Shroud of the Samgha, prompting Delion to suggest─with some reluctance─splitting the group that you might more efficiently scour the area. Fortuitously, reinforcements appear in the form of Godbert, who is more than happy to join his son in his latest escapade. Hildibrand assigns teams and directions, pairing you with PuPu and charging you with scouring the jungle's western reaches.
  • With a solid lead on his friend's whereabouts at last, PuPu is eager to follow you into the jungle.
    • ※You must be accompanied by PuPu to complete this task. Speak with him again should you become separated.
  • You survey what appears to be ufiti territory, but see no trace of PuPu's comrade. Perhaps further to the west...?
    • ※You must be accompanied by PuPu to complete this task. Speak with him again should you become separated.
  • You continue onwards and come across a colony of hanuman langurs...but no alien compeer. Further to the west it is.
    • ※You must be accompanied by PuPu to complete this task. Speak with him again should you become separated.
  • Alas, your efforts yield not so much as a vaguely starcraft-shaped circle in the grass. It is then that you receive a call from Nashu, who may have spotted PuPu's friend near Purusa. You rush over with all haste, only to find that the figure in question was a mandragora. Several mandragoras, in fact. Actually, an entire gang of infamous seedkin, known literally as the Mandragoras. Accompanied by a zombie gentleman (to Delion's shock and delight), the villainous vegetables came to Thavnair in search of their own friend─an individual who, it transpires, was mistakenly abducted by PuPu. The contrite mandragora-napper releases his “sample,” and the reunited Mandragoras take their leave.
In the wake of the mandragora misunderstanding, Delion muses aloud on the limitations of Hildibrand's “keen” inspector's sense. PuPu takes the editor's idle wish for a Hildibrand army to heart, and fires up his matter duplication facility. The defective machine ultimately breaks down, but not before producing one singularly blocky replication of Inspector Hildibrand. Encouraged by his new clone's dissimilar appearance, an enthusiastic Hildibrand recruits “Brandihild” to aid in the investigation.
  • As the dust settles and the chaos dies down, you find your already eclectic party joined by a “charming new contemporary.” Brandihild is eager to be a part of it all─or so he says. But as you well know, Hildibrand's chicanery is not to be taken lightly...