Truths Untold

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Truths Untold

Truths Untold.png
Quest giver
Hyuran Woman
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.0, Y:11.8)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Required items
1 Oversoul rags icon1.png  Oversoul Rags
1 Twice-distilled water icon1.png  Twice-distilled Water
Experience 0
Gil 658
Previous quest
Beneath the Mask
Next quest
Her Last Vow

Who is this unfamiliar woman, and what secrets does she hold?

— In-game description






  • Who is this unfamiliar woman, and what secrets does she hold?
  • The woman reveals herself as Cecy, sister to Ellie and the woman behind the phantom thief's many masks. She further tells of her quest for vengeance against Ul'dah for the heinous crime of turning her ancestors into zombies─a historical fact covered up, she insists, by Phillice and her fellow Arbiters. Seeking to deliver revenge by her own hand, Cecy casts a handful of zombie powder at Phillice, only to see the ever-chivalrous Hildibrand take the brunt of the attack in her stead. As all look on with shock and dismay, Hildibrand's mother, Julyan, arrives on the scene. Distressed at the sight of her beloved son in his zombified state, she delivers a violent reckoning to her husband Godbert, whom she holds responsible for Hildibrand's plight, and Gilgamesh, who really just picked a bad time to show up. Fortunately, she takes an instant liking to you, and enlists your aid in saving her son from permanently joining the ranks of the undead. Speak with the imposing matron and see what she has in mind.
  • Julyan explains that holy water is a well-known remedy for those afflicted with a case of zombie-ism, and assures you that she can fashion a dose from two ingredients─Oversoul rags and twice-distilled water. That said, the cleansing agent must be administered before the ichor has diffused throughout the entire body. With time being of the essence, she sends you and a befuddled Gilgamesh into town to retrieve the necessary materials: the rags from Syntgoht of Syntgoht's Sundries, and the water from a trader by the name of Gest.
  • A well-timed visit from Avila, the gladiatrix who you and Hildibrand befriended in your recent travails at the Coliseum, proves to be just the ticket in convincing Syntgoht to part with the last piece of Oversoul rags he has in stock. Count your blessings and seek out Gest at the Hustings Strip.
  • Gest proves to be a thoroughly unpleasant sort who would just as soon see Hildibrand die on account of his dislike for the way the Manderville family conducts its business. Just as all hope seems lost, the most fortuitous appearance of Arabella, the maiden you and Hildibrand befriended at Costa del Sol, has Gest changing his tune, as he begrudgingly parts with a bottle of twice-distilled water in return for a dance with the lapis-tressed beauty. With the two ingredients safely in hand, deliver them to Julyan back at the vault and hope there is still time to save the unfortunate Hildibrand.
  • Julyan swiftly synthesizes a phial of holy water and administers it to Hildibrand, assuring you that her son is strong enough of will and body to fight off the zombie curse. She promises to see to his care, urging you to go and stop Ellie before she can bring her plan to fruition─using the four relics to break the ancient Sil'dihn seal and drown all of Ul'dah in zombie dust. She further cows Gilgamesh into making another trip to the markets to procure the fire crystals to keep her son's body warm. Gilgamesh stands over a crate of crystals, wistfully recalling old times with his feathered companion. As he delivers a heartfelt plea, a blinding flash of light comes down from the heavens, reuniting the traveling warrior with a long-absent friend...