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A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies

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A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies

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Quest giver
Nashu Mhakaracca
The Pillars (X:5.9, Y:9.9)
Quest line
Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestHeavensward
Experience 0
Gil 940
Previous quest
Feature QuestHer Last Vow
Next quest
Feature QuestDon't Call It a Comeback

As you catch sight of Nashu, you cannot help but wonder if you are about to have a bad time.

— In-game description



  • As you catch sight of Nashu, you cannot help but wonder if you are about to have a bad time.
  • Nashu Mhakaracca, loyal assistant to Inspector Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville, has determined that her missing companion has likely landed somewhere in Ishgard. Judging her chance meeting with you to be serendipity, she drafts you into her service and bids you help her canvass the Jeweled Crozier for any news of a “gentlemanly Highlander.”
  • Alas, none of the merchants can recall having dealings with a man matching Hildibrand's description. However, one supposes that Mistress Elaisse may be of assistance, as she is well acquainted with many merchants and noblemen who do business in the markets.
  • At last, your investigation bears fruit, as Mistress Elaisse has heard tell of a gentlemanly Highlander who is in Ishgard at the invitation of none other than Count Edmont de Fortemps. Given your close association with the count, the knights guarding the manor should be more than willing to aid you.
  • A House Fortemps knight informs you that the gentlemanly guest is currently being entertained by Lord Edmont, but that their meeting should be coming to a close soon. He suggests that you and Nashu retire to the gazebo to wait until they have finished─a suggestion Nashu accepts with bewildering trepidation.
  • Nashu springs to her feet at the sound of the manor doors opening, and you both rush to catch the departing guest, only to find that he is the wrong Manderville man. Godbert is surprised to find two of his beloved son's companions standing before him, but perhaps even more surprised when a young inquisitor named Cyr appears and accuses him of being a heretic. Annoyed, Lord Edmont immediately intervenes, prompting Cyr to rescind his accusation and explain that Godbert matches the description of a suspected heretic he has been tracking. Upon learning of your search for Inspector Hildibrand, the inquisitor proposes that you join forces and continue your search in Falcon's Nest, where the first reported sightings of Cyr's quarry originated, as it is possible that you seek the same man. If so─and if the inspector is innocent─it would behoove you to be present when he is apprehended.
  • Ser Redwald is quite surprised to find that the footnote he left in a report drew the attention of a young inspector, the Warrior of Light, and a half-naked gillionaire goldsmith, among others. He states that the suspected heretic was sighted just south of the Dusk Vigil, but is also quick to add that they have no reason to presume the man was in fact a heretic. Nevertheless, Inquisitor Cyr is quick to proclaim that you have caught the “unmistakable scent of heresy”─all-too-familiar words which give you pause...
  • Your survey of the area near Banepool leads to yet another unexpected reunion, this time with one of the Gentle Dead Men, the association of undead which Inspector Hildibrand founded while he was under the impression that he was a zombie. Despairing that her search has literally met a dead end, Nashu sighs, but the zombie gentleman reassures her that all is not lost, for he claims to have the ability to track his beloved overlord via some manner of aetheric bond they share. As the others rush off, eager to find the inspector, you are left alone with Cyr, who is attempting to determine if zombification is a sickness which must be purged.