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The Measure of a Mammet

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The Measure of a Mammet

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:6.0, Y:9.9)
Quest line
Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,054
Previous quest
The Gigi Situation
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A Gazebo to Call Our Own

Hildibrand knows in his heart that love transcends dimensions of time and space, definitions of man and machine...

— In-game description





  • Hildibrand knows in his heart that love transcends dimensions of time and space, definitions of man and machine...
  • The course of fatherhood never did run smooth, and Inspector Hildibrand is resolved to overcome this trial and be reconciled with his beloved son. In order to do so, however, he must first find the runaway mammet, who may already have left the city. While Hildibrand and Nashu question the sentries at the airship landing, Inquisitor Cyr will visit the Arc of the Worthy and see if any have seen the missing Gigi, leaving you to speak with the guard stationed at the gate near the Skysteel Manufactory.
  • His limited experience with Lalafells notwithstanding, Herewart confirms that Gigi secured passage aboard a supply ship bound for Falcon's Nest. Hildibrand and Cyr are quick to draw conclusions ridiculous and damning, and while neither seems willing to accept the other's deductions, both understand that they must return to Falcon's Nest to achieve their goals─conflicting though they may be.
  • For a mercy, the snows have yet to cover Gigi's tracks, which appear to lead north from Falcon's Nest towards the abandoned Camp Riversmeet. Struck by a sudden epiphany, Nashu speculates that Gigi may have wandered out into the wastes in search of his “grandpapa,” Lord Godbert, of whose crafting prowess she and Hildibrand spoke so highly. Alas, even should they have correctly discerned the mammet's intent, the western highlands are vast, and the odds of him stumbling upon the goldsmith and his wife are rather slim...
  • The tiny adorable footprints are unmistakable in the snow. Gigi must surely be somewhere nearby. With luck, you will find him before he runs afoul of one of the wastes' many ravenous beasts.
  • At long last, you come upon Gigi lying motionless in the snow. The fragments of ice clinging to his cap suggest that he was rendered unconscious by the impact of something small and round traveling at an incredibly high speed. Coincidentally, some few yalms away, Lord Godbert and Lady Julyan are engaged in an endless snowball fight, oblivious to you and Gigi and several dead steinbocks...
  • To your great relief, Gigi soon rises to his feet, apparently none the worse for wear. Hildibrand is overjoyed to be reunited with his errant son, and Godbert with his. Before you or anyone else can explain the situation, however, Gigi beseeches his grandfather to use his peerless skills to transform his body into that of a real boy. So enjoined, the goldsmith prepares his tools, and in a dazzling display of acrobatic craftsmanship molds the mammet's tiny frame into that of a towering Roegadyn. The jubilant Gigi then runs to his father, arms outstretched, only to accidentally deal him a bone-crunching blow, driving Hildibrand into the ground in an explosion of dirt and snow.
Alas, Gigi's joy is short-lived, not through any ill-feeling at his well-intentioned assault, but because of the magicks which soon envelop his body, restoring it to its original shape, and depriving him of that which he so desperately desired. Once more, the mammet seems poised to fall into despair, when Hildibrand, freshly extricated from the earth, reassures him that their bonds transcend flesh and blood and steel─that even if he is not a man, he is still a Manderville mammet. Yet while this sentiment brings Gigi and his Grandpapa Godbert much joy, Lady Julyan is of another mind, as evidenced by her brandishing of a skillet large enough to bludgeon a god to death. The sight of this prompts Hildibrand and Lord Godbert to depart with all haste, followed by Nashu and Gigi, and finally the Lady Julyan, still incandescent with rage, leaving you alone with a cowering Cyr.
  • Once more, Cyr proclaims himself the only sane man in a world gone mad. Though he has failed in everything he set out to achieve, he takes solace in the fact that Gigi was able to overcome his personal crisis...before berating himself for appearing to care about the feelings of a mammet. He duly departs for the city to inform his superiors of recent events, as ridiculous and unproductive as they proved to be.
  • Inquisitor Cyr's supervisors are understandably displeased with his “gross mishandling of the situation.” Nevertheless, they remain convinced that Gigi is the product of heretical machinations, leaving Cyr with no option but to continue his investigation. While he does not share his superiors' view, he does believe there is something very unusual about the mammet and the powers he─it wields. Mayhap, one day, he will find the answers he seeks. But that is a story for another time...