Beneath the Mask

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Beneath the Mask

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.0, Y:11.7)
Quest line
Hildibrand Quests

Experience 0
Gil 517
Previous quest
Sibling Strife
Next quest
Truths Untold

Not even the shockingest turn of events will deter the famed agent of enquiry.

— In-game description


Manderville is located in Hustings Strip. Use the Chamber of Rule aetherite crystal.


  • Search for evidence.
  • Search for more evidence.
  • Search for yet more evidence.
  • Speak with Godbert.
  • Gather information.
  • Speak with Godbert.


  • Not even the shockingest turn of events will deter the famed agent of enquiry.
  • Undaunted in the face of recent developments, Hildibrand is convinced he might still persuade his erstwhile companion Miss Ellie from pursuing the consummation of her criminal plans. Meanwhile, after sending her men out in pursuit of the escaped thief, Captain Phillice of the Sultansworn confesses that she is the last of the Arbiters of Truth─the thief's final target─and states her intention to go into hiding so as not to place any more lives in danger. Hildibrand assures her that he has the situation entirely under control, and promptly enlists your aid in canvassing the area for any suspicious individuals. Begin your search at the Hustings Strip.
  • You come upon an anonymous letter urging you─or whomever it was intended for─to exercise extreme caution. Continue your search of the streets of the Hustings Strip.
  • You come upon a second letter, this one a warning that even your closest companions are not to be trusted. A hint from an unknown ally, or a snare laid by your quarry? More evidence is necessary to evaluate the situation. Continue to scour the streets of the Hustings Strip to see what other clues might be had.
  • No sooner do you come upon a third letter, this time accompanied by a sachet of demasking dust, than you are greeted from behind by none other than Godbert Manderville, father of Hildibrand and goldsmith extraordinaire. The Hammer─as he is known─eagerly offers his assistance in the pursuit of the thief, in part out of concern for his son's well-being and in part out of concern for his own. From his words, it would appear that Hildibrand's mother is also a force to be reckoned with. Return to the royal vault and see what Godbert has deduced about the current state of affairs.
  • Godbert surmises that the thief may already have assumed the identity of one of your companions. Speak with Briardien, Nashu, and Phillice, and be especially on the lookout for any uncharacteristic reactions or behavior.
  • Your questioning of Briardien, Nashu, and Phillice revealed nothing of particular interest─it would appear that the thief will not be so easily unmasked. Consult once again with Godbert to hammer out your next plan of action.
  • Despite Hildibrand's best efforts, the thief blows her cover when the typically good-natured-to-a-fault Nashu snaps at her beloved inspector for an offhand comment about her facial complexion. You move swiftly to unmask the faux-Nashu, revealing─to the surprise of all─not Miss Ellie, but an unfamiliar woman's face. It would appear there is yet more to this case than anyone suspected...

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