Manderville Men

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Manderville Men

Manderville Men.png
Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:23.6, Y:23.9)
Quest line
Hildibrand Adventures
Required items
1 Reconstructed vase icon1.png  Reconstructed Vase
Experience 0
Gil 658
Previous quest
The Hammer
Next quest
The Three Collectors

The time has come for you to do what only a Manderville can.

— In-game description





  • The time has come for you to do what only a Manderville can.
  • Having shared with you the secrets of House Manderville, Inspector Hildibrand now asks that you do what he cannot. Stand before the fallen chimera and dance as only a Manderville can.
  • A half-naked Highlander answers your summons and announces himself as Godbert the goldsmith. As he ponders how you came to learn the Manderville, he and Hildibrand lock eyes momentarily, causing the inspector to inexplicably flee the scene. All is explained after Godbert catches up to Hildibrand, though, as the goldsmith proceeds to berate his son in front of all present. Brushing aside his father's legitimate complaints, Hildibrand convinces Godbert to reconstruct the shattered vase. Though the results are less than ideal, perhaps Lady Durilda will be satisfied. Return to Vesper Bay so that Maria can present the vase to her mother.
  • Lady Durilda is dissatisfied with the vase until Godbert unexpectedly arrives and reveals that he was the one who reconstructed it. This fact, coupled with the knowledge that he, a member of the Syndicate, is also Hildibrand's father, is enough to convince the noblewoman to grant the inspector permission to assist with Briardien's investigation. Not only is Inspector Hildibrand unaware of his father's recent rise to power, he is also completely oblivious to how he personally benefited from it, as he simply states that you all must review the facts of the case with Inspector Briardien.
  • In between sighs and shrugs, Inspector Briardien explains his plan to lure out and catch the duelist using counterfeit Treaty-Blades being transported from Coerthas. Reluctantly, he states that you and your comrades might serve as additional “smallfolk,” watching the roads in and out of the Observatorium for anything suspicious. This suggestion pleases Inspector Hildibrand, who states with confidence that the duelist should be easy to find in snowy Coerthas, given his large frame and garish red clothing─a description he subsequently misremembers when reunited with a certain warrior and his rooster.