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Don't Do the Dewprism

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Don't Do the Dewprism

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:11.7, Y:8.8)
Quest line
Even Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,729
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Past Is Never Past
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Sleeping Gentleman

Shigure wants answers now or he wants them eventually.

— In-game description





  • Shigure wants answers now or he wants them eventually.
  • Shortly after the Wolf Burglar was detained by the Sekiseigumi, Master Akebono stormed into the gaol and began demanding the return of stolen goods other than the Soboro Sukehiro. Though the merchant was less than forthcoming with details, the Lupin revealed to Shigure that it was a plain, unmarked satchel filled with a white powder─presumably a medicine of some sort. Unsure what it was at the time, the thief gave it to Koju for safekeeping, who presumably still has it, and will not relinquish it unless you recite the proper password: “As above, so below.”
  • Upon hearing the requisite words, Koju gives over the mysterious powder, the purpose of which remains unknown. Without the aid of an alchemist versed in the Hannish traditions, you are unlikely to ascertain its nature. Fortunately, the Thavnairian Consulate is within walking distance.
  • As Shigure foresaw, one does not simply go and bang on the gates of a foreign consulate and expect to be received with open arms. The kami are feeling particularly whimsical this day, though, for it is then that Godbert Manderville, devoted father of Inspector Hildibrand, calls out to his beloved son and comrades. During the brief exchange of pleasantries, Lord Godbert's comrade introduces himself as representative of the Sahjattra Concern, which trades in all manner of alchemical goods. The Han subsequently identifies the mysterious powder as an essential ingredient used to create dewprism, a thimbleful of which is enough to befuddle the senses and make one susceptible to commands. The mystery is solved: Akebono has been using this dewprism to manipulate wealthy and influential individuals like Master Kumode to build his mercantile empire. Satisfied, Shigure would bring an end to his dastardly schemes once and for all.
  • As Shigure was unable to foresee, one does not simply go and bang on the doors of a conniving criminal's estate and expect him to be home, much less willing to give up without a fight. Before you can even begin to discuss your next course of action, the Wolf Burglar appears, revealing that he only surrendered himself earlier to secure Shigure's release and lull Akebono into a false sense of complacency, after which he would then secure your cooperation to bring Akebono to justice. Though he knows not where the merchant is now, he knows where he will be: the Isle of Bekko, where he is to meet a silent partner and plot more villainy, no doubt.
  • As you spy upon the clandestine meeting, you are shocked to see Akebono in the company of the Sahjattra Concern representative you met before, as well as Lord Godbert, who is clearly under the influence of dewprism. Unable to restrain himself, Inspector Hildibrand reveals himself and implores his father to break free of the drug's thrall. Alas, this only serves to draw his attention to Shigure, Greg, and the Wolf Burglar, who are swiftly dispatched by the might of the Hammer. However, Godbert then turns on his supposed masters, apparently unable to distinguish friend from foe. And so it falls to Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville to meet the man from whose loins he sprung in mortal combat. You can but look on, mesmerized, as son launches into the air, arms wrapped around his father, as he mournfully sings the song of his house in a vain effort to wake the man he so desperately loves from his madness, only to discover to his delight and dread that performing one of the traditional Mandervillian martial techniques triggers an instinctive response─an irreversible reversal, leaving the inspector helpless before the impending onslaught...
After the dust has settled, Godbert apologizes for his excess. But in spite of the minor cataclysm, all is well. Akebono and the Han have been exposed and will face justice, and the Soboro Sukehiro, which Akebono just so happened to be carrying, can be returned to its rightful owner, the Wolf Burglar. Having avenged his father, the Lupin is content to return to his cell in Kugane, but Shigure, to everyone's surprise, insists that he leave with the sword instead. And so the Wolf Burglar departs, Soboro Sukehiro in hand, to pay his respects to the samurai who loved him as family. For a fleeting moment, it seems as though it will be an almost unreasonably happy ending for all...which is perhaps why the Hannish co-conspirator, in a fit of petulance, uses a hidden supply of dewprism to enthrall Greg and command him to spirit him far away. And so the warrior somehow opens a massive portal and drags the Han, Inspector Hildibrand, and Nashu Mhakaracca to wondrous worlds unseen.
  • Intending to deliver him to the Sekiseigumi in person, Lord Godbert takes Akebono and departs for Kugane, and Shigure suggests you do the same. And really, after the earlier spectacle, what else is there left to say?
  • Much will change in the wake of Akebono's fall, Shigure explains. The medicines he once hoarded and sold for unreasonable profits will be sold to more merchants due to the intervention of Hannish officials, thereby ensuring lower prices and greater supply. All indebted to Akebono will be absolved of their debts, for they were secured through immoral means. This, in particular, Shigure considers to be the greater victory now, for his experiences with you and the others have helped him to understand that the world is anything but black and white. While he may not agree with the Wolf Burglar's methods, he understands that he is a noble soul─though should he ever forsake his principles, Shigure will not hesitate to bring him to justice. A necessary sentiment, perhaps, though if your experiences with the Lupin are any indication, he will keep to his chosen path.
And Inspector Hildibrand? Well, as a former inquisitor once mused, he will no doubt turn up again like a bad gil─and when he does, trouble is sure to follow...
※The next Hildibrand quest will be available from the excitable youth in Radz–at–Han once you have met the following requirements:
※ You must have registered a product key for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker to your service account.
※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Endwalker.”